Make room for custom keycaps: Using keycaps to level up your keyboard

Spice up your space with some custom keycaps.

It’s amazing what is possible with 3D printing these days, isn’t it? 3D printers can do so much more now than just allowing wealthy hobbyists to print their own custom line of Amiibos. These days, high-quality printers can now print things with enough detail, color, and durability to make smaller tributes to your gaming and other passions, things like HyperX’s custom 3D-printed keycaps.

“But why should I replace my perfectly serviceable letters and numbers with cute little characters and bowls of ramen?” A perfectly valid question, though one that might seem needless when you consider how cute the characters are. So let us convince and guide you on your journey into your newest obsession.

What are custom 3D-printed keycaps?

Quite simply, they’re replacements for your keyboard’s existing keys that are made using 3D plastic printing machines. In the case of HyperX’s cute limited edition caps, they’re also printed on themselves, with HP’s custom 3D inkjets, so it’s a 3D-printed keycap with printing. That you can replace your Print Screen key with.

Why should you get a custom 3D-printed keycap?

The primary appeal is thus: unless you’ve got a minimalist form-factor keyboard, your keeb is full of keys that you don’t use so much, or keys that you do use often, but you just wish they looked a bit cooler. Like your print screen key! You already know exactly where it is, and instead of seeing “PRTSC” every day, you’d rather see something like a delicious plate of cookies. Well, with custom 3D-printed keycaps, now you can indulge your sweet tooth every time you save a jpeg to your desktop. Perhaps your an fantasy game fanatic looking for the ideal key set to represent your inventories, potions, and more? HyperX has anRPG icons keycap set just for you.

custom keycaps hyperx 3d streamer hot keys

If you're a streamer, keycap replacements can be practical too. Swap out for these Streaming Hot Keys and you'll never forget which key you've bound to go live or switch on your camera. Some people also like to deck out their Escape key, or the Windows key, or that one that opens the right-click context menu that at least half of you didn’t know about or had forgotten about until we mentioned it. (It’s useful, you should try it sometime.)

And just like that, you’ve got one extra bit of your gaming setup customized to display your personality. People customize their shoes, their hair, they can even customize their appearance to the world with vtubers. Who doesn’t want additional personalization options?

If you’d like to see even more tips on showcasing your personality through your desktop, check out these other interior design tips for getting your gaming battlestation to reflect your vibe.

Will custom 3D-printed keycaps even fit on my keyboard?

If you already have a HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboard, then HX3D custom keycaps are an easy fit. They’ll also fit most other standard mechanical keyboards with key switches that have a crossbar head. Just use a keycap grabber tool that should have come with your HyperX keyboard, or very gently pinch your fingers beneath the gap of the original key, and pry it off the crossbar stem. Then gently press your custom keycap into its new home! Done! If you need mroe direct, well, direction, then check out our dedicated keycap changing guide here.

How to get custom 3D-printed keycaps

If you’re looking for a HyperX custom 3D keycap drop, they’re available for limited windows on the HyperX store, with a new drop available every month! So be sure to check back to see what other cute critters and friendly fings you can add to your keyboard throughout the year. If you’re worried about missing out on the perfect keycap, head over to the HX3D store, and make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you’re always in the know when there's a fresh keycap to snap up.

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