Steam Deck shortcuts you need to know

Open keyboard, force close games, capture screenshots, and more with a list of all Steam Deck shortcuts you can use.

The Steam Deck is packed with hidden extra features, including a wealth of shortcuts that make navigating menus and playing games that much easier. If you’re new to the console or haven’t played around with its many features, we’ve highlighted the Steam Deck shortcuts you need to know below, then included a full list of shortcuts underneath for you to remember.

Open the keyboard

  • Steam button + X

To open the keyboard during games that require it or when in desktop mode, just hit the Steam button and X at the same time. Note that the keyboard will automatically open when needed in the Steam Deck interface. Further details here on this handy Steam Deck shortcut.

Force close games

  • Steam button + B (hold)

If a game you’re playing on Steam Deck has frozen and the device seems locked up, you can force close your current game by pressing and holding the Steam deck and B button for around a second and a half. Also great if you want to rage quit a game without fiddling through several menus.

Take screenshots

  • Steam button + Rb

Taking a screenshot during a game on Steam Deck is easy. Just press the Steam button and right bumper at the same time and you’ll see a notification pop up in the bottom right corner. You can find more information about how to transfer those images to PC here.

Adjust brightness up/down

  • Steam button + Left Joystick Up/Down

Depending on your room’s lighting, you may want the Steam Deck’s screen to be brighter or dimmer. Use this one of the Steam Deck shortcuts to quickly adjust the screen brightness on the fly. All you need to do is press the Steam button as you move the left joystick up or down for increased and decreased brightness, respectively.

Enable magnifier

  • Steam button + L1 (hold)

Having trouble reading tiny text in a game? Turn on the magnifier on Steam Deck by pressing and holding the Steam button and left bumper at the same time. You’ll get a zoomed in view of the screen you can pan around with the right analog stick or right trackpad. Release the buttons to return to the normal view.

Steam Deck shortcuts list

Steam Deck Shortcuts list - an image showing all shortcuts on the Steam Deck
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Below you’ll find the full list of all Steam Deck shortcuts which make use of the Steam button. If you need to check this list while using the Steam Deck. You can hold the Steam button + A to bring them up on screen briefly.

If you’re planning on using Desktop mode a lot and don’t have access to a keyboard and mouse, we recommend paying attending to the Steam Deck shortcuts which simulate keyboard keys to make shifting through text much less painful.

Steam Deck Shortcut


Steam + B (Hold)

Force close the current game

Steam + X

Open on-screen keyboard (in games or Desktop mode)

Steam + A (Hold)

View shortcuts

Steam + L1 (Hold)

Enable magnifier

Steam + R1

Take screenshot

Steam + L2

Right Mouse Click

Steam + R2

Left Mouse Click

Steam + Right Analog Stick (Hold)

Use the Right Analog Stick as a mouse

Steam + Right Trackpad (Hold)

Use the Right Trackpad as a mouse

Steam (Hold) + Click In Right Trackpad 

Left Mouse Click

Steam + Left Analog Stick Up

Increase Screen Brightness

Steam + Left Analog Stick Down

Decrease Screen Brightness

Steam + D-Pad Right

Enter Key

Steam + D-Pad Down

Tab Key

Steam + D-Pad Left

Escape Key

Those are all the Steam Deck shortcuts you can quickly access by using the Steam button. For more handy guides, check out how to install Discord on Steam Deck.

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