Steam's Friendship Games Week is looking to ruin your relationships

Couch co-op and local competition take center stage in Steam's Friendship Games Week sales and highlights.

Steam wants you to forget about Valentine’s Day. That’s because the ongoing Friendship Games Week sales and highlights are offering up a full seven days of pal-entines instead. The only catch? You might not have any friends left by the time it’s finished.

The special celebration runs from February 13 - 19. Rather than focussing on co-operative or romantic games, Steam’s Friendship Games Week is packed to the brim with titles that’ll test your friendships to their limit. Featured games on sale include Move or Die, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Gang Beasts – all games that’ll levels of strife among friends only beaten by the mighty relationship ruiner of Mario Party.

steam friendship games week
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The focus isn’t solely on competitive party games, however. Co-op titles are discounted too, as are some digital board games. Friendship Games Week isn’t entirely about sales – several included titles aren’t discounted at all. The emphasis of the is on couch co-op and local multiplayer games that bring people together. But even if you can’t meet up in person, it’s still worth taking a look. Loads of the included titles work just as well for online parties too.

Big discounts of note include 70% off both top-down shooter The Ascent and co-op comedic physics-based game Human Fall Flat. There’s also up to 75% off all games in the Monster Prom franchise, with 25% off the latest release, Monster Roadtrip.

Those looking to the future can scroll a bit further down the Friendship Games Week page to spot a broad collection of upcoming releases and demos under the special week’s remit.

Have a browse of Steam’s Friendship Games Week via the Steam Store. And if you’re after some more romantic discounts, you can also head over to the HyperX Valentine’s sales page!

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