Ubisoft's XDefiant has a cross-play test this week

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Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play shooter XDefiant is getting a cross-play test on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S later this week.

The latest closed Insider session for the game will kick off on Thursday February 16 and run until Sunday February 19. It’ll see players on all included platforms face off against one another in a test of the game’s planned cross-play features.

The test will feature four game modes – Escort, Domination, Zone Control, and Occupy – across 13 different maps. 

“The focus of the test is on the cross-play and console experience,” reads the announcement on the game’s website. “Please grab your controllers and let us know what you think in our Discord!

“We also have a new map joining us for this Insider Session. Introducing our new map, Pueblito! Take in the sights of Pueblito, a fishing village in the Caribbean nation of Yara, while you seek to be MVP of your match!”

If you’re not already signed up, you’ll need to head to the the XDefiant website and register your interest in future Insider Sessions. Those selected will receive an email confirming their participation in the upcoming test. 

Be warned: each playtest comes with strict NDA rules, meaning you won’t be able to share videos or screenshots from your time with the game. That said, the Insider Sessions FAQ does note that players are “encouraged to talk about their experience playing XDefiant in the sessions.”

XDefiant, previously known as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, is a fast-placed and class-based multiplayer shooter. Characters from different factions bring weapons, abilities, and ultimate powers to the field. Factions are tied to different series like The Division and Splinter Cell, offering unique gadgets to gain the advantage. These customizable classes combine with “realistic gunplay”. Think Call of Duty shooting mechanics, but with characters that can summon shields, plant healing beacons, or equip a flamethrower to wreak havoc.

The game was first announced in 2021 and has yet to see a release date. It’ll arrive as a free-to-play title, following on from Ubisoft’s other failed attempts at the format like closed battle royale shooter Hyper Scape and the team skating Roller Champions.

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