March video game releases: The biggest games out this month

The March video games of 2023 include Wo Long, Resident Evil 4, and more!

The march of time moves ever forward, leading us right into the March video games of 2023! February had some heavy hitters, and this month looks no different. If you’re wondering for what to play in the days ahead, we’ve rounded up the biggest games releasing in March 2023 below.

The biggest March video game releases

March 2023 video games biggest games out this month  an image of wo long fallen dynasty where the player fights a tiger demon with a sword
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Below are our six top picks for video games releasing in March 2023. We can't guarantee that they'll all be smash hits, but they're definitely the March games we're most excited for.

Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

  • Release date: March 3

From the team behind the Nioh games comes a new soulslike action-RPG. Set in a dark fantasy version of China’s Three Kingdoms era, it sees the player battling against monstrous enemies as chaos and war erupts across the land. Expect nails-hard combat as you tackle bosses both demon and human with a variety of martial arts and weapons. Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty is coming to Xbox Game Pass day one, and there’s a demo available on Steam right now.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

  • Release date: March 9

It’s been a long old while since Zeno Clash and its unusual sequel brought first-person fighting to our screens, but developer Ace Team is back with another title set in its surreal alien world. This time the action is in third person as you control a fighter named Pseudo who vows to protect a small creature called Boy. Ideal for those looking for some unconventional action and visuals.

Tchia (PC, PlayStation)

  • Release date: March 21

A tropical adventure awaits in Tchia, a new open-world adventure set in a colorful archipelago. Sail around the islands and take control of animals or objects as you explore a physics-driven sandbox. Creativity is the route to success as you freely climb, glide, and tumble about the world.

Resident Evil 4 (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

  • Release date: March 24

The long-awaited remake to Leon S. Kennedy’s second outing drops in the latter stages of the month. The Resident Evil 4 remake promises a full reimagining of the GameCube classic, with more horror and expanded segments for characters like Luis,   and Ashley.

Crime Boss Rockay City (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

  • Release date: March 28

Packed with a baffling number of movie stars, Crime Boss Rockay City is a co-operative first-person heist game. The old crime boss is gone, and the race is on to steal their throne. Your crew of robbers will be working at the behest of one up and coming crime lord to make money and secure their spot at the top.

Dredge (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)

  • Release date: March 30 

Something isn’t right in the waters of Dredge. What starts as a soothing fishing game steadily shifts into something far more sinister. Stay out beyond dusk and eerie events will begin to unfold, leading you to questions the nature of your work and the townsfolk inhabiting the nearby islands.

Have we missed any other exciting March video game releases? Let us know so we don’t miss out!

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