Highlights from the Capcom Spotlight

Trailers, announcements, and surprise-drop demos from the March Capcom Spotlight

Packing in segments on Resident Evil 4, Exoprimal and plenty more, the Capcom Spotlight was well worth its half-hour runtime. But what if you don’t have time to catch the full show? We’ve got you – here are all the new trailers and announcements from the March Capcom Spotlight.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo available now

You won’t need to wait until March 24 to try Resident Evil 4. The Capcom Spotlight’s major announcement was to drop a demo for the highly anticipated remake which you can enjoy right now. It’s set in the opening stages of the game, as Leon first encounters the deadly las plagas in that infamous village. There’s no time limit for this one, so you’ve got as many attempts as you want to survive against that bag-headed, chainsaw-wielding menace.

Exoprimal releases in July, beta this month

Capcom spotlight exoprimal
© Capcom

Mech suits will clash with dinosaur hordes when Exoprimal releases on July 14. The new trailer teases more of the story as well as showing off pre-order and season pass content. There’s a chance to try the game early, too. The Exoprimal open beta will take place March 17-19 with cross-platform support between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases April 28

Sunbreak, the major expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, has had its release confirmed as April 28. There’s a new trailer to accompany the news, too. It shows off new attacks and pre-order bonuses for the DLC.

Ghost Trick is out June 30

Capcom confirmed that its remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will arrive on Jun 30 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Hikaru Takahashi joins Street Fighter 6’s real-time commentators

Japanese actress Hikaru Takahashi is the final color commentator announced for Street Fighter 6. You can have a listen to her style of combat conversation in the new trailer.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection shows off more modes

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection got another showcase during the Capcom Spotlight. The game will featured a Buster Max mode which drastically increases the player’s damage so they can breeze through combat and just enjoy the story.

Capcom Town is a digital theme park

Capcom Town Capcom spotlight
© Capcom

To celebrate Capcom’s 40th anniversary, the publisher is opening a digital theme park called Capcom Town. It’ll contain digital museums and is set to open on June 12. You can check out a teaser for the website here.

Resident Evil Death Island shows more of Jill

Resident Evil Death island capcom spotlight
© Capcom

The latest CGI Resident Evil movie, Death Island, got another brief teaser during the show. As the last trailer teased, Jill Valentine will be taking a starring role alongside Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield.

That’s everything from the March Capcom Spotlight. What was your favorite announcement?

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