Loot Drop III delivers two weeks of community appreciation

HyperX's fan-centered fiesta will feature daily events and activities.

For this celebration, you won’t need an invite. The Loot Drop III mothership is overhead, and the cargo bay is crammed full of exciting events. Over the next two weeks, HyperX will be loading the tubes and securing parachutes to deliver daily drops all about appreciating our community. Want to know more? Here’s a quick summary of what Loot Drop III has to offer.

What is Loot Drop III?

Loot Drop III is a celebration of the HyperX family and fans. It’s a chance for us to say thanks and give back to the brilliant people who use and love our gaming gear. That means you! 

From March 13 through March 27, HyperX will be dropping exciting surprises each day that you can get involved with. And trust us, you’ll want to be part of the party.

Planned activities include loot drops, social media callouts, influencer streams, and the chance to play with esports pros. That’s a whole lot of Loot Drop III awesomeness to keep track of, so check out the full calendar of events below. Stick around and you might even be in for a surprise towards the end…

hyperx loot drop 3 calendar events
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Loot Drop III discount code

Loot Drop III is also the perfect time to pick up the HyperX gear you've been after. Throughout the event, you can use the LOOTDROP code on the HyperX store to get 30% off all products (not on sale). Headsets, microphones, monitors – everything is included!

What do I need to do?

All you need to do for Loot Drop III is check out this page on the HyperX website or return here each day to find out what’s happening and where. We’ll be updating this article with the lowdown on every drop on the day it lands. Look for the current date below and you’ll find all you need to know about how we’re appreciating your support as part of Loot Drop III!

What if I’m not in the US?

We know that the HyperX community spans the globe, so Loot Drop III will also be coming to the UK, Germany, France, and the rest of the world! Head to the following links to find out what’s happening in your region:

Next Drop: March 27 - New product launch!

We've got some new gear on the way! Head to the HyperX store to find out more when the products go live.

Loop Drop III calendar

Below you’ll find every US event taking place during Loot Drop 3. We’ll be updating the calendar with highlights from each day’s activities. So even if you couldn’t take part, you can still catch up on everything you missed.

March 13: Newsletter sign up

Loot Drop III kicked off with a chance for fans who sign up via email to win HyperX items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. Head to the form here or at the bottom of the page to make sure you’re registered for our newsletter.

We also had a special stream from HyperX's VTuber Kura where she unboxed a stash of HyperX goodies! Watch it back here.

March 14: HyperX ♥️ You

HyperX's Twitter account spent the day shouting out fans by replying to and retweeting shared pictures of players with our products!

March 16: Play with the Pros (Team Liquid)

Team up with the experts as Team Liquid teach fans how to step up their game.

March 17: Pokimane/Dish/Tuonto Loot Drop

We’ve shipped out surprise Loot Drops to some of your favorite influencers. Join their streams to find out what’s inside.

HyperX loot drop 3 calendar
© HyperX

March 19: HyperX ♥️ You

Your chance to get a callout on HyperX’s social media channels. Follow HyperX on Instagram here.

March 20: Valkyrae/Fuslie Loot Drop

We’ve shipped out surprise Loot Drops to some of your favorite influencers. Join their streams to find out what’s inside.

March 21: Play with the Pros (XSET)

Team up with the experts as XSET teach fans how to step up their game.

March 22: JuJu Smith-Schuster Day

NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster received a special package from HyperX. Find out what was inside in his TikTok video.

March 23: Daniil Medvedev Day

Tennis star Daniil Medvedev joins HyperX for a special celebration. Follow him on Twitter here,

March 23: Game codes Loot Drop

Some HyperX fans will be walking away with some free games! Join the HyperX Discord for your chance to claim some goodies.

March 24: TimTheTatman/Swagg Loot Drop

We’ve shipped out surprise Loot Drops to some of your favorite influencers. Join their streams to find out what’s inside.

March 27: ???

Stick around for a surprise.

With Loot Drop III offering two straight weeks of community celebration, make sure you check back again tomorrow for more! Head to the HyperX store for all our latest offers on gaming gear.

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