Resident Evil 4 Egg Hunt: How to get a Gold Chicken Egg

Where to find a Gold Chicken Egg to complete the Egg Hunt request in Resident Evil 4.

Egg Hunt is one of the odder requests you’ll get in Resident Evil 4 remake. This challenge tasks you to sell a Gold Chicken Egg to the merchant for a tidy reward of 3 spinels. The fancy egg is worth a pretty penny but also offers a full heal when eaten. If the chickens aren’t being kind to you, our Resident Evil 4 Egg Hunt request guide will show you how to get a Gold Chicken Egg guaranteed so you can trade for the merchant’s rarer goods.

How to get a Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4

How to get a gold chicken egg resident Evil 4 remake
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The Gold Chicken Egg has a very low chance to be laid by any of the chicken you’ll encounter in the game. You might get lucky with finding one in the early village sections, but there’s also a guaranteed Gold Chicken Egg location a little while later when you get access to the lake. 

resident evil 4 how to get a gold chicken egg
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If you don’t already have one, the best place to get a Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 is on a small berth on the east side of the lake. Once you have the boat and have fought Del Lago, drive over to the map position marked above. You’ll find a small enclosure packed with chickens and cages. Check the floor here carefully, as you’re guaranteed to find a Gold Chicken Egg in the back area.

How to get gold chicken egg resident evil 4 egg hunt
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While you’re on this land chunk, make sure to grab the treasure from the north side as well. We don’t recommend killing the chickens, as they will continue to drop eggs for you to collect. You might even get lucky enough to get a second golden egg.

Resident Evil 4 Egg Hunt

Once you have the Gold Chicken Egg, do not eat or throw it. Return to the merchant and sell the Gold Chicken Egg to him. You’ll gain a bunch of money and earn three spinels for your trouble when you move back to the main merchant menu.

Spinels can then be traded for rare goods including new weapons, scopes, and laser sights, which makes completing easy requests like Egg Hunt well worth the time.

You’ve learned how to get a Gold Chicken Egg for the Resident Evil Egg Hunt request. For more guides, we’ve got explanations for the Farm Blue Medallions and the Grave Robber request to earn those valuables.

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