Resident Evil 4 sword puzzle solution

How to solve the sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake's castle segment.

Not long after you enter the castle in Resident Evil 4 remake you’ll encounter the sword puzzle room. In it, you’ll need to position four swords in the correct places to unlock the door and progress forward. In case the solution isn’t clear, we’ve put together this quick guide to the Resident Evil 4 sword puzzle solution.

Resident Evil 4 sword puzzle solution

To unlock the door, you need to place the correct sword in each of the four metallic reliefs either side of the door. Before you can do that, however, you first need to get all four swords. Three of them – the iron, gold, and rusted – can be collected from the reliefs themselves. The bloodied sword will need to be grabbed beyond the bars in the room. 

resident evil 4 sword puzzle solution guide
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To open the bars, light the torches which match the symbols on the gate. That’s every torch except the back left one. Pull the cord on the closest and shoot the gongs on the ones beyond the gate to open it up.

Once you have all four swords, the order from left to right is:

  • Iron Sword
  • Gold Sword
  • Bloodied Sword
  • Rusted Sword
Resident Evil 4 sword puzzle guide
© Capcom

The order tells the story of a knight earning his place, fighting, and then being buried with his weapon left to rust. The knight starts with an iron sword, gets dubbed with a golden sword, has his sword bloodied in battle, then has his sword left to rest and rust by his grave.

Resident Evil 4 how to solve the sword puzzle
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Once you place all four swords correctly, you’ll have solved the sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake and be free to delve deeper into the castle. Before you head too far, though, make sure you destroy all the Castle Gate Blue Medallions, as they’ll reward you with a handsome sum of spinels to trade.

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