Meet Your Maker trap combos and ideas

Build a colossal kill house with our beginner tips and ideas for Meet Your Maker trap combos.

Struggling to conjure deadly trap ideas in Meet Your Maker? You’re not alone! Starting the builder mode from a blank slate can be a daunting prospect. So to help you kickstart your mansion of murder, we’ve put together some key Meet Your Maker trap combos and ideas.

Each building zone is unique, so we can’t offer exact building plans for full levels. But if you utilize these Meet Your Maker building tips and ideas, you’ll be creating killer combos to rack up those raider deaths in no time at all.

NB - You can find more generalized Meet Your Maker tips and tricks here! This guide, however, is all about setting up traps. 

Basic trap combos and setups

If you’re really new to base creation, we’ll run you through some basic trap combos and layouts below that you can work into your designs. Bear in mind that you’ll only start with the corrosive, bolt, and impaler traps. You’ll need to unlock many of the more interesting options.

Angled ceilings/walls and Impalers/Boltshots

Meet Your Maker trap ideas angled surfaces
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The most basic trap combo involves hiding bolt throwers and spike traps behind sharp corners, changes in height, and unusual wall shapes. Place them at the tops or backsides of ramps, behind half walls, and above/behind as often as possible. Ideally, draw the raider’s attention forward with a distant Guard or other trap while your sneakily placed stabber skewer them from the rear.

Ranged guards on platforms

The basic Guards are pretty feeble, but they become a nuisance in numbers and at range. You can pay for an upgrade to keep them in place, but it’s far cheaper to position them on isolated platforms which will stop them from moving. In a large space, several guards mixed in with Boltshots can prove seriously tough to tackle. For an extra touch, stick an Impaler under their feet to catch out players who like to get up close and personal.

Meet your maker building tips ideas guards
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Iron Claws + Corrosive blocks/Incinerators

The Iron Claw grapple trap doesn’t deal damage but comes into its own in combinations. It’s most deadly used alongside the humble Corrosive Cube. The grapple will only trigger with line of sight, but it’ll chase raiders and grab through corrosive cubes, even if they try to run back and hide. Here's a clip showing how that works in practice:

Place Corrosive Cubes either side of a pathway which opens up to an Iron Claw at a distance, then set up Impalers or Incinerators to finish anyone who isn’t melted while being reeled in. Once you start adding holocubes into the mix, raiders will find themselves caught between too many angle to check at once.

Bomb Ejectors + slopes

Of Meet Your Maker’s traps, Bomb Ejectors require the smartest used of scenery.The cavalcade of bouncing balls they unleash are most dangerous when the fall onto sloped surfaces that send them flying out in all directions. Most players back up when triggering a trap, so drop them on a ramp the player is climbing to catch them as they run away.

Holocube horrors

And finally, the Holocube: a friend to all builders. Easily one of the best traps at your disposal, this deceptive brick enhances every other trick in your book. Even a basic Boltshot can catch players out when hidden behind a vanishing block.

Holocubes on a large open floor can create pitfalls down to spikes or bolts. Holocubes on either side of a corridor can hide guards or traps up close. Holocubes above will ensure Bomb Ejectors unload their cargo, and Holocubes between corrosive blocks can grant a grapple an easy target. Unlock them, use them.

Core concepts

So you know the tools, but what’s most important is having a design in mind. Not sure where to start? Here are some core ideas many bases use.

Corridor of fear

Meet your maker builder ideas traps corners
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A linear, narrow pathway to the GenMat, with trap spots to check above and on each side regularly. If you opt for this design, remember to include regular changes of height to keep raiders unsettled. Consider building in optional side paths which lead to forbidden tombs so that your raiders can take on an extra challenge for rewards if they’re brave enough.

The killbox

Meet Your Maker builder ideas killbox
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The killbox approach sees all all traps and guards concentrated in one seriously challenging room. Focus on repeating traps like Death Pistons, Incinerators, and Plasma Sentinels to slow the raider’s movement and ensure it isn’t a one-and-done challenge. Pair traps with Guards to pile the pressure on, and make use of trap modifications as you know they’ll definitely get used here. 

Killboxes can seem impossible and frustrating for raiders, but the best counter is often grappling through as fast as possible without bothering to fight anything. While they are successful for kills, however, we don’t recommend only building them, as they’re far from the most fun levels to play.

You’ve activated my trap card

meet your maker builder tips tricks ideas trap card
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A raider’s weakest moment? Right as they grab the GenMat. This base piles all the pressure on the second phase, triggering the appearance of numerous traps only when the GenMat is collected. Include a few traps on the way in to test their mettle, then flood the GenMat room and path out with deadly obstacles.

They’ll have just a few seconds each time to figure out how to survive the gauntlet after grabbing their prize. To be extra mean, use the Guard Drop technique we describe below.

Overwhelming enemies

For this design, you'll want to create a larger, open environment filled with enemies. Ideally equip your minions with armor to make them tougher to kill. Keep ranged guards on platforms or with restricted patrols to ensure they shoot at the player from afar, while melee guards keep them moving or appear behind false walls. Stick the occaisional spike trap under guard spots to ensure they can take out anyone who likes to get up close for their finishers.

meet your maker builder ideas traps combos guards
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A doom level

More interested in making something fun than impossible? Meet Your Maker is the perfect chance to try your hand at designing a game level. Create a series of rooms, each with a set of enemies and traps to conquer. Focusing on creating novel and entertaining challenges and surprises rather than pure challenge. Pair it with artistic design and you’ll likely earn more than a few commendations at the end!

Fiendish trap ideas

Looking to get meaner? Here are some more intricate trap combos that can really up your kill count

Double grapple

For this trap, we’ve places two Iron Claws on other side of the main path. They’re hidden behind Holocubes that will trigger at the same time, forcing the raider to check two directions at once. The Corrosive cubes either side mean the grapples will still latch even if the raider tries to run. When reeled in, Incinerators and Impalers finish the job. 

Guard drop

By using a Holocube with the second wave mod, it’s possible to jump raiders with a large number of melee marauder guards at a time. Place the modded Holocube with the guards behind it, then modify the patrol routes of the guards to tell them to stand within the Holocube. When the cube is triggered, all the guards will be up close and within it. In the clip below, we’ve also paired this with a grapple to stop them from running away.

Got your own fiendish Meet your Maker trap and building ideas? Share them with us so we can add them to our bases!

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