7 things you missed in the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's third trailer was crammed full of teases for the game's story, characters, and mechanics.

If you haven’t yet seen the latest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, stop reading and get watching below! Back? Good, because the third official trailer teases plenty of exciting elements we can’t wait to dive into. The latest gameplay footage for the Breath of the Wild sequel packs in an awful lot. So if you’re only just getting over the elation of watching it through for the first time, here are seven things you probably missed in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s third trailer.

7 things you missed in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer #3

1. Allied action

One of the most striking reveals in the third trailer –besides the return of Ganondorf is how much Link seems to be doing alongside others. At 1m 38s we see him riding through a battle between bokoblins and villagers. Later on we see him standing with a group of allies and then fighting alongside prince Sidon at 3m 13s. 

zelda tears of the kingdom trailer allies
© Nintendo

There’s also a shot of Link carting some people behind him on a horse. These just look like regular folk, so it may be possible to recruit allies from the world's various towns and bring them along for larger-scale fights against Ganon's forces.

2. Dragons everywhere

Zelda tears of the kingdom trailer dragon people
© Capcom

You probably caught a look at this mysterious figure in the trailer, but could they also be connected to the mighty three-headed beast which pops up toward the end? Dragons have been a recurring theme across many of the Tears of the Kingdom trailers, appearing in giant carvings in the ground. Could this new, dragon/dino-like species be those worshiped in the jungle region of Breath of the Wild's map? And if they’ve awoken from a long slumber, will they prove friend or foe?

3. Link in a wingsuit

The legend of zelda tears of the kingdom trailer details you missed
© Nintendo

Glimpsed very briefly at 1m 33s, we see Link falling through a tunnel of lasers. To slow his descent, he appears to open a feathered wingsuit just before the trailer cuts away. Given he already has a glider, Link likely won't get a full Just Cause-style wingsuit to glife around in. Instead, this is probably an outfit which could give our hero more control over his maneuverability while falling.

4. Another new face in a matching outfit

Zelda tears of the kingdom sage zelda
© Nintendo

Dragonfolk aren’t the only new non-human faces. This figure shows up at 3m 9s using some kind of golden magic. Intriguingly, they’re dressed exactly the same as Zelda in this trailer, earrings and all. They could be another sage you’ll need the help of in order to seal Ganondorf, or one of Zelda’s ancestors who successfully defeated him in the past. If it's the latter, they might even have been corrupted into the dragon-esque figure we saw earlier...

5. Vehicular combat

Zelda tears of the kingdom trailer details vehicles
© Nintendo

We’ve already been introduced to the fusing system as a way to construct new weapons and vehicles, but why not do both at once? 2m 34s shows Link directing some kind of machine towards a bokoblin fortress built on the back of a Stone Talus. Link’s vehicle looks to have its own firepower courtesy of a glowing lance arm. How long until people construct jousting arenas in Tears of the Kingdom, then? It’s worth also appreciating Link’s rather snazzy looking hat here, too.

6. Weird ways to get around in the sky

Zelda tears of the kingdom movement
© Nintendo

Things are already getting pretty surreal when you have islands floating in the air, but the ways you’ll get between them in Tears of the Kingdom seem even odder. We spotted orbs of water you swim in as they shift between platforms and low-gravity zones which let Link leap between platforms that form a staircase upwards. Oh, and there’s also some kind of rocket device at 2m 26s which looks like it’ll launch upward for a time before detonating. All in all, it looks like Tears of the Kingdom will be a dream come true for tinkerers and speedrunners alike.

7. Zelda potentially captured

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom captures
© Nintendo

The voiceover at 2m 4s suggests someone advising Zelda. But the outfit of the figure shown at the same point suggests that this could well be Ganondorf or someone associated with him. Zelda certainly doesn’t look too happy about her situation. It’s possible that at this stage in the story she’s being coerced into helping perform some kind of ritual that her magical talents grant her access to.

Spotted anything else interesting in the new trailer? Share your insights with us ahead of the game’s release! The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12th on Nintendo Switch.

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