Konami reveals monstrous Silent Hill merch collab

Haunting hoodies.

If you’re a Silent Hill fan, consider Konami’s newly announced merch collaboration a serious test of your dedication.

The Silent Hill publisher has partnered with limited-run clothing brand Online Ceramics to release an official collection so hideous that we’re pretty sure scrolling through the designs can be classed as a survival horror game. No wonder the announcement of the line on social media features a blurred out image in which the clothing itself is barely visible.

If you’re prepared to face the bootleg presentation and Microsoft Paint level design choices, head to the Online Ceramics website and get scrolling. Primarily themed around Silent Hill 2, the collection features simple cropped images and quotes from the game slapped onto t-shirts, hoodies, and pants. The styling almost works in some cases, if it wasn’t for the fact that each piece also includes a gigantic URL or title of the clothing brand which takes up almost as much real estate as the game. Then again, perhaps these are intended to be viewed through the thick shroud of SIlent Hill's fog.

Silent hill collab merch 2
© Konami, Online Ceramics

Questionable design choices aside, prepare yourself for the real jump scare if you add anything to your basket. Picking up a simple Silent Hill 2 logo t-shirt will set you back $55, hoodies come in at $120, and the work pants are an eye-watering $270. For a more affordable option, consider splashing out $25 on a Silent Hill 2 mug which shows an image from the cutscene of Maria lying on the stage in the Heaven’s Night strip club. It too, naturally, features a giant URL for Online Ceramics.

Silent hill collab ugly tshirt
© Konami, Online Ceramics

It’s safe to say that the collab hasn’t been received all that well online. Many fans have pointed out the cheap and inelegant designs, or even whipped up their own edits to highlight just how how basic and gaudy they are.

Last year saw Konami announce a number of new Silent Hill releases, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 led by Bloober Team, an interactive streaming experience, and a new Silent Hill movie. No release date has been confirmed for the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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