Unrecorded is a terrifyingly realistic bodycam-footage FPS

The mysterious game has a new trailer and more developer details.

A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for bodycam footage FPS game Unrecorded.

The FPS – which is being developed by French studio Drama – replicates the perspective and shaky nature of a body-mounted camera to create a visual style that does an impressive job of tricking your brain into believing it’s real. Check out the new trailer below:

The pop up decisions seen in the footage might lead you to believe that this is an on-rails FMV sequence with players making choices only at key stages. However, one of the game’s developers, Alexandre Spindler, has taken to Twitter to confirm that Unrecorded is a proper FPS and that the trailer footage was recorded “from real-time gameplay, not pre-rendered.” 

With complex physical reload animations, it’s no surprise that many viewers have also assumed that Unrecorded will be a VR game. According to an FAQ on the Steam page, however, all the footage shown so far has been controlled with a regular old keyboard and mouse. It's also currently playable with a controller, though the developers have yet to confirm specific platforms for release.

The mystery of the title has led to plenty of speculation over whether the game is actually genuine. Similar suggestions have sprouted up to those surrounding questionable survival game The Day Before. That released a lackluster gameplay trailer and then received a sudden delay shortly before its originally proposed release date. The developers of Unrecorded are keen to stress that the Unreal Engine 5 title isn’t looking to rob anyone of their money.

“It seems rather flattering to compare the graphics of Unrecord to reality, but fortunately, we know that a game first focuses on gameplay and universe on which we primarily concentrate,” the FAQ reads. “Considering the high production costs of a video game and our global reputation at stake, if Unrecord were a scam, it would be a blockbuster scam. Therefore, it is logically not one. We do not use any real videos or external rendering to Unreal Engine for the creation of Unrecord. Unrecord is (un)real.”

There’s no release date set for Unrecorded just yet, with Drama stating that the team doesn’t even have “an estimated year of release at this time.”

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