Dead Island 2: Jo's Rainy Day Stash guide

Secure Jo's Secret Stash Key in Dead Island 2 with our guide to the Jo's Rainy Day Stash quest.

Start exploring Venice beach and you’ll soon discover the Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash sidequest. This one has you tracking where a skate shop employee hid his valuable wares while two of his colleagues attempted to steal them. 

If you’ve explored Venice Beach’s townside thoroughly, you may have already found Jo’s Secret Stash in Dead Island 2, but you’ll still need to follow the quest in order to find the key and unlock it. Below, we’ll walk you through all the steps required to complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2 so you can secure a powerful new weapon.

Dead Island 2: Jo’s Rainy Day Stash guide

Dead Island 2 Jo's Rainy Day Stash guide map Jo's Secret Stash Key - a map showing all key locations for the sidequest
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To start the Jo’s Rainy Day Stash sidequest in Dead Island 2, you need to visit one of the two surf and skate stores along the middle and southern shopfront area. They’re easily found on your map thanks to the grinning shark holding a surf board. We’ve marked all the key map locations above, but we’ll revisit where you need to go for each stage as well.

Dead Island 2 jo's rainy day stash guide location 1
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Head to the north skate store shown on the map above and inside you’ll find a phone message on the counter relating to Jo’s Secret Stash, indicating that two of his colleagues know that he’s hiding good and will try to steal it. Make sure you that also grab Jo’s Staff Room Key from on top of the drawers behind the desk. 

Dead Island 2 Jo's Rainy Day Stash Guide location 2
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Once you have one message, you need to head to the main skate shop which can be found by following the beachfront stores to the southeast. At the counter inside this store you’ll find a message called Jo’s Beloved Baby. This shows a picture of a red truck in a parking lot. Before you head out, use the key you grabbed to secure some extra loot from the back room.

Dead Island 2 Jo's Secret Stash Key location car rainy day stash - the car and map location of it for the quest
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Fortunately, the parking lot with Jo's car is very nearby. Just head out and around the back of the skate shop. You’ll find the distinctive red truck in the second parking section behind metal fencing. When you approach, a large crusher zombie will pop out from the nearby van, and you’ll also be attacked by Jo’s Shambling Body. It looks like our skater boy didn’t make it out to see his lady after all. 

Jo's Rainy Day Stash guide Jo's Secret stash key location - image of Jo the zombie and his final message
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Take out Jo and he’ll drop Jo’s Final Farewell, including Jo’s Secret Stash Key in Dead Island 2. The final note informs you that Jo moved his stash to Marla’s, a Tapas & Taco’s srestaurant which is found in the northwest corner of the parking area. 

You’ll need to climb up on top of Marla’s roof to find Jo’s Rainy Day Stash. Head to the right of the rear and you can scale the wooden pallets of the building nextdoor, or head to the let and climb up from on top of the van parked there.

Dead Island 2 Jo's Secret Stash key for Jo's Rainy Day Stash sidequest
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Once on top, be careful of the trip wires and loaded shotguns. Open up the gate and you’ll discover the zombified would-be thieves from the clues you’ve been following. Looks like they didn’t have much luck either. Kill them and you can use Jo’s Secret Stash key to unlock the chest and complete Joe’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2. Inside you’ll find a Superior Primed Crowbar to let you go Gordon Freeman on the undead of Hell-A.

Now that you know how to complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash in Dead Island 2, make sure you’ve ticked off some of the other lengthy sidequests. Be sure to also grab the Blue Crab storage keycard while you're in the area. With fast travel unlocked, you can head back to other areas. We’ve got guides to help you complete Mailman Was A Zombie in Bel Air or Clean And Snatch in Beverley Hills. There’s no sense letting those rare weapons go to waste, after all.

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