June's underdogs: The video games that could surprise you this month

Don't overlook these potential hits hidden among June's video game releases.

Not looking to get punched in the face by Street Fighter 6 or mauled by demons in Diablo 4? We get you. The AAA heavyweights have come out swinging in June, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only games arriving this month. If you’ve escaped Lilith’s pull to the underworld and Chun-Li's classes, consider checking out these smaller June video game releases that could turn out to be surprise stars of the month.

Amnesia: The Bunker (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: June 6

Set in the dank, dark confines of a World War 1 bunker, this terror-packed first-person tale sees a lone soldier attempting to evade a deadly threat which stalks him through trenches and tunnels. 

For any hope of making it out alive, he’ll need to keep the lights on enough to scavenge the tools for survival. Amnesia: The Bunker includes an ever-present, AI-driven stalker which relentlessly hunts the player based, forcing them to keep sound to a minimum whenever possible.

Dordogne (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: June 13

june underdogs video games dordogne
© Un Je Ne Sais Quoi

One look at the stunning watercolor art of Dordogne will likely be enough to sell you. This narrative tale dives into the childhood memories of woman who spent her younger summers visiting her grandmother in the town of Dordogne.

 Described as a heartwarming narrative experience, it looks ready to offer a serene journey of nostalgia, memory, and family secrets.

Fall of Porcupine (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: June 15

June video game underdogs fall of porcupine
© Critical Rabbit

In Fall of Porcupine’s world of anthropomorphic animals, Finley is a young doctor starting his job at a hospital in the town of Porcupine. But this place of healing is anything but healthy. 

What follows is a narrative adventure with platforming and minigames in which Finley faces up to the immense stresses and pressures of a system seemingly built to fail. Get to know the local residents, make friends, and uncover the town’s secrets as you handle the hardships of the healthcare system.

Aliens: Dark Descent (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: June 20

Will Aliens: Dark Descent be decent? We can’t answer that question yet, but we’re certainly intrigued by the concept. A squad-based real-time strategy/tactics game in which you command a group of marines delving into the heart of a xenomorph-infested base. 

Strategically manage each squad member’s gear and abilities to face onslaughts from aliens, synthetics, and worse. There’s no pausing, but you will have the option to slow down time when things get particularly intense. Aliens: Dark Descent has been built for controllers too, so this isn’t just one for PC strategy heads.

Crime O’Clock (PC, Switch)

Release date: June 30

Crime O Clock june video game releases
© Bad Seed

A monochrome cartoon city awaits your inspection. Crimes have taken place, and it’s up to you to track events and uncover the culprits in each case. The trouble is, time is both on and against your side. You’ll need to focus on events across multiple eras, with actions that take place in one timeline potentially affecting the others. 

Confusing? Certainly. But you’ll be able to mark each tableau with notes and learnings to help you keep it all in your head as you work through your case file. Even with that help, we’re still expecting to lose track of time when solving these misdemeanors.

Looking forward to any other June video games? Let us know so we can keep them on our radar as well!

Associate Editor

Henry Stenhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of AllGamers. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video games stole his soul. Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at henry@moonrock.biz, or catch him on Twitter.

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