Diablo 4: Which class is right for you?

Learn the basics of each Diablo 4 class so you can choose between Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Druid.

Digging around in the dirt for skeleton servants isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, whether you're into necromancy or not, you have plenty of Diablo 4 classes to pick from. But which one fits your playstyle? Before you commit to spending hundreds of hours battering demons as a werebear, it’s worth doing a bit of research. 

We’ve broken down the basics for all five Diablo 4 classes below. So if you want to get the lowdown on how a Barbarian battles or a Rogue runs rings around their foes, you’re in the right place. Check their strengths and weaknesses, then decide on which Diablo 4 class is right for you.

Diablo 4: Which class is right for you?

Diablo 4 which class is right for you guide - an image showing male and female versions of barbarians and necromancers
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There are five Diablo 4 classes to choose from: 

  • Barbarian
  • Necromancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Rogue
  • Druid

Each class in Diablo 4 is a mighty force when handled well. They're also flexible and can be built around multiple different fighting styles depending on the skills you pick. With that sid, they do still fall into loose playstyle categories. Here's how each of them works, and whether that's right for you.


Which diablo 4 class is for you barbarian - the character select screen with information on the barbarian
© Blizzard

Great for:

  • Frontline combat
  • Tanking damage
  • Muscles

The Barbarian is the hardiest of all of Diablo 4’s classes. If you like playing as a tank who can sustain a lot of damage, this is the class for you. They’re a frontline fighter who wades in with axes and swords swinging to cleave their enemies apart.

Barbarians have the unique ability to equip four melee weapons at a time – a pair to dual-wield, a bludgeoning two-handed weapon, and a slashing two-handed weapon – swapping between them depending on the skills used. This makes them both formidable and flexible, provided you don’t mind staying in the thick of it.

Barbarian attacks build up their Fury supply, which can then be spent on extremely powerful offensive or defensive skills. They excel when keeping the enemy’s attention on them, and the Barbarian skill tree includes several taunts and defensive buffs. They’re no slouches when it comes to damage either. Offensive Barbarian skills tend to deal high damage in a tight area around them, forcing you to stay aggressive and in the face of your enemies.


Which diablo 4 class should you pick necromancer - the class select screen with information on Necromancer
© Blizzard

Great for:

  • Summoning minions to fight alongside you
  • Frontline/medium-range combat
  • Goths

Necromancers can summon minions from the corpses of their enemies, fighting as a unit alongside them in melee or medium-ranged action. They use their regenerating Essence to unleash their most powerful spells and are the only class capable of using scythes. Want to manipulate the arena with magic while getting stuck in personally? The Necromancer could be your perfect Diablo 4 class.

Necromancers have a chance to spawn a usable corpse on each enemy killed. Spells can then use these to raise skeleton warriors and mages, or turn the bodies into explosive traps. But this isn’t just a class for those who like to sit back and let their minions do the work. The Necromancer is a fearsome fighter in their own right. 

Suck the life from your targets, fling bone shards from a distance, or cut a swathe through enemies with a scythe. All while turning the tide by raising allies from your fallen foes. Thanks to the support of their summons, the Necromancer is also one of the easiest classes for Diablo 4 newcomers and solo players to start with.

HyperX Cloud 3 diablo 4 classes
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Whatever Diablo 4 class you choose to play with, the important thing is to have a blast battling demons. But if you want to boost both your in-game skills and your enjoyment with them, pick up the HyperX Cloud III gaming headset. Its angled 53mm drivers are designed specifically for gaming, so they’ll deliver the Barbarian’s bass-heavy roars just as clearly as the Necromancer’s life-stealing whispers. And with memory foam built into the headband and ear cups, it’ll keep you comfortable through even the most intense skirmishes with Lilith’s servants.


diablo 4 which class is right for you sorcerer - the class select screen with information on the sorcerer
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Great for:

  • Ranged combat
  • Crowd control
  • Elemental effects

The Sorcerer is Diablo 4’s dedicated ranged class. If you’re looking to sling spells from afar and like the sound of multiple elements at your fingertips, look no further. Be warned though, the Sorcerer has the lowest health of all Diablo 4 classes.

Sorcerers spend regenerating mana to cast skills which fall into three main categories: Lightning, fire, and ice. Lightning bounces between targets and is great for crowd control; Fire explodes with area-of-effect damage and burns over time; and Ice can slow or freeze enemies, keeping them at bay. 

Sorcerers are capable of dealing immense damage, but their low health can make them a challenge when playing solo. You’ll need to choose your abilities wisely to keep yourself alive against overwhelming numbers. But if you're up for the challenge, the Sorcerer will turn you into a master of mighty magics.


Diablo 4 which class to choose rogue - the class select screen with information on the Rogue
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Great for:

  • A flexible mix of melee and ranged
  • Single-target damage
  • Movement and arena manipulation

The Rogue is a hybrid class capable of fighting up close with daggers or at range with crossbows, throwing knives, and bows. Like dancing around your enemies and singling out targets to eliminate quickly with high damage? Take the Rogue for a spin.

Rogues introduce fascinating unique skills to toy with, including the ability to build up combo points from basic attacks that are then spent on other skills. They’re great at manipulating the field, too. Caltrops can slow anyone approaching, while the Shadow Realm sucks your closest enemies into an isolated zone, letting you take them down without outside interference.

Rogues do a bit of everything – they can even imbue attacks with elemental effects like frost and poison or cause enemies to explode upon death. If you’re after a Diablo 4 class you can modify dramatically to suit every kind of encounter, the Rogue won’t let you down.


Which diablo 4 class to pick druid - the class select screen with information on the druid
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Great for:

  • Shapeshifting
  • High defense
  • Varied playstyles

Even with their most basic attacks, the Druid can transform into a werewolf or werebear. That alone might be enough to answer if this Diablo 4 class is right for you. Another hybrid class, the Druid blends melee strikes from their animal forms with spells that harness wind, earth, and lightning. 

The Druid’s bear form brings the most in defense, helping them soak up damage while slamming their foes with slower, powerful area-of-effect strikes. The wolf, by contrast, is far faster, able to rack up critical hits with rapid strikes. 

The different options available make the druid a highly versatile class. Shapeshifting attacks focus on melee and defense, while spells grant crowd control and wider damage. You won’t be as tanky as a the Barbarian or precise as the Rogue and Sorcerer, but you’ll be able to handle pretty much anything the game throws at you.

So which Diablo 4 class is right for you? Whatever your choice, be sure to check out our beginners tips and tricks to get off to a commanding start in Sanctuary.

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