July's video game underdogs: 5 releases that might surprise you

Don't miss out on these interesting July video game ready to serve up culinary, puzzling, and creepy delights.

This month, let’s shake things up a bit, shall we? Take a break from the blockbusters and look instead to July’s video game underdogs – the new releases this month that either you hadn’t heard about before or may have overlooked. We’ve picked out five titles below that might just be your personal surprise hits of 2023.

Gylt (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: July 6

Rime developer Tequila Works gives its Google Stadia exclusive new life on other platforms. It’s an eerie narrative adventure game in which a young girl named Sally is pulled into a corrupted version of her home town. A world inhabited by unsettling warped creatures which represent Sally’s worst fears and memories. Distract and sneak by these dangers, or learn to face up to them as you search for Sally’s missing cousin.

Manic Mechanics (Switch)

Release date: July 13

Ever wished that Overcooked had more cars, oil, and impromptu races? The chaotic couch co-op of Manic Mechanics may be the gear shift you’re looking for. Work together to repair vehicles for the motorhead residents of Octane Island while avoiding hazards including oil spills, electrocution, and more!

Viewfinder (PC, PS5)

Release date: July 18

A novel first-person puzzler which will have you discovering solutions through new perspectives. In Viewfinder, photographs can be physically imprinted into the world, shifting from 2D stills to 3D paths and structures to be explored. There’s a demo available on PS5 right now which demonstrates just how creatively that one concept can be applied.

Blackout Protocol (PC)

Release date: July 19

Top-down dungeon diving merges with the SCP universe in this twin-stick co-op shooter. Party up with pals and head into a secret research facility filled with unimaginable paranormal monstrosities. Death is no excuse to give up here, though. Blackout Protocol features Roguelite mechanics that see you revived between each run, improving your gear to delve further and face even nastier threats which have broken loose. It enters PC early access this month.

Venba (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: July 31

A gorgeously illustrated narrative cooking game which follows an Indian mom cooking for her family after emigrating to Canada. As her life progresses, you’ll have the chance to cook a variety of dishes, including rediscovering lost recipes from her family’s history. There’s a brief demo available now on Steam as part of the recent Next Fest showcase.

What July video games are you looking forward to playing?

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