July video games: The biggest new releases of the month

Pikmin 4, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, and plenty more join July's biggest games of the month.

Take a moment to breathe. July’s video game releases offer a reprieve from gargantuan AAA open worlds looking to gobble up hundreds of hours of your life. But that doesn’t mean that big games aren’t on the way! In fact, there's plenty to keep you occupied over the next chunk of 2023 even if you're a VR user! We’ve picked out six exciting new July video games below that you should definitely keep on your radar.

Synapse (PS5 - PS VR2)

Release date: July 4

PS VR2 owners rejoice, for July finally sees the launch of a must-play addition to your virtual reality collection. Developed by Phantom: Covert Ops studio nDreams, Synapse is a first-person shooter with a supernatural twist. 

You play an operative infiltrating the mind of an enemy agent, where you’ll need to make use of chunky weaponry and telekinetic powers to blast, levitate, and slam through levels of enemy goons. Built specifically for the PS VR2 headset, Synapse uses eye tracking to assist with the aiming of your powers. The voice cast also boasts both David Hayter and Jennifer Hale, which is hard to say no to.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Android, iOS, Netflix)

Release date: July 12

Set five years after the events of the original Oxenfree, the narrative adventure sequel sees protagonist Riley return to her island hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio signals. 

Planting radio transmitters across the island seems straightforward enough, but things quickly spiral into the bizarre as unusual signals are detected and supernatural events unfold. Oxenfree 2 retains the first game’s impressive conversation system, keeping you communicating smoothly with companions as you investigate the island’s mystery.

Exoprimal (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: July 14

Strap on a mech suit and prepare to mash through hordes of dinosaurs in Capcom’s unconventional new team multiplayer game. Two sides race through objectives together, fending off waves of raptors, pterosaurs, tyrannosaurs, and more. You'll need to pick out your favorite exosuit class and upgrade it with both melee and ranged weapons fit to face anything and everything Exoprimal has to throw at you. Spoiler warning: most of those things come with sharp teeth, claws, and a terrible temperament. There’s also a story involving some time-warping, dimension-shifting antics and a rogue AI. You know, just to keep things interesting.

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Pikmin 4 (Switch)

Release date: July 21

Captain Olimar has gone missing on a new planet. It’s your task to rally a squad of Pikmin to rescue him and other members of the Rescue Corps! Pikmin 4 introduces more dangerous night outings and a hidden underground realm to explore with the help of your colorful flowerbud friends and dog-like companion Oatchi.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: July 27

The hit sci-fi TV show (itself based on the books by James S. A. Corey) gets a narrative adaptation which follows Camina Drummer in events prior to the first season of the show. Cara Gee reprises her role as Drummer for the game, which follows her Belter crew as explore the uncharted edges of the asteroid belt. 

As captain of your ship, expect to make tough decisions that’ll affect the lives of your crew and the wider politics of the troubled solar system. Developer Telltale has said that players don’t need to have seen the show to play the game, and envision it as an “on-ramp” for those new to the universe.

Disney Illusion Island (Switch)

Release date: July 28

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy embark on a 2D adventure to save the island of Monoth. Built around co-operative, non-combative platforming, you’ll need to use your powers to navigate each level and uncover hidden paths and secrets. Disney Illusion Island features fully voiced animated cutscenes and an orchestrated score.

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