Exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners

Our Exoprimal beginners tips will teach you to dance with the dinosaurs.

Getting your knuckles rapped by raptors? Exoprimal brings bring a novel structure to team multiplayer matches, meaning you’re going to need to learn some new skills if you want to succeed. That’s where we can help. Our Exoprimal tips and tricks will transform you from a dino disaster into a carnosaur conquerer, giving you the edge in both PvP and PvE multiplayer bouts. 

Exoprimal tips and tricks

exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners
Check your exosuit's moves before each match. 
© Capcom

Before our full Exoprimal tips and tricks list below, a quick note for complete beginners: You can check your current exosuit’s abilities at any time by pressing the Suit Details input (F1 on PC, D-Pad Down on console). This will bring up an overlay with information on all your exosuit’s powers and items. Use this to get a feel for your kit at the start of a match.

1. Pay attention to your objective

exoprimal beginners tips objective highlight - an arrow points out the objective to kill a carnotaurus
Even with other dinosaurs in the mix, prioritize your objective above all else. 
© Capcom

Exoprimal throws a lot of dinosaurs at you, but you don’t need to kill all of them. Each combat stage of the match has a specific goal, usually to kill a specific number of certain dinosaurs. But the game will spawn far more than you actually need to kill, especially when it comes to the basic raptors.

In each stage, look at what you’re being requested to kill, not what’s in front of you. Your objective is shown at the top of the screen, under the timer and progress bar. Prioritize these targets. It doesn’t matter how many raptors you kill if you haven’t met your required pteradon count for a given stage.

When facing a stronger creature like a triceratops or carnotaurs, damage dealing exosuits should focus solely on these, leaving their supports and tanks to pull raptors and other smaller threats away.

exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners objective - an arrow points to the objective marker, showing how many players are helping it
The more players on the objective, the faster you'll complete it. 
© Capcom

For PvP payload and area-control objectives, the more team members you have near the objective, the faster it will complete. The number of players currently contributing to an objective is shown next to it, with one to three arrows indicating its progress speed. Stay close to the objective and help your team get ahead.

2. Switch your exosuit mid-match

exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners swap suits - the exosuit selection menu, with Skywave selected
Changing exosuit mid-match can help you adapt to new objectives. 
© Capcom

You can change exosuit at any time in or out of combat in Exoprimal, allowing you to quickly adapt to different scenarios. The opening missions to each level are usually fairly easy, meaning you can mop them up rapidly with a full team of damage dealers and no supports. As things get tougher, swap out one or two players to a support or tank to keep your team alive.

Melee-based suits are a lot of fun, but they’re also poorly suited for area control objectives. Leaving the zone to engage dinos will slow your side down, so make the swap to a ranged fighter and secure that lead over the other team. 

Ultimate progress is important on some exosuits, but it matter far less than coming equipped to deal with the challenges each stage presents. This is especially important when the enemy team invades with a Dominator. Switching to Tank exosuits here will stop them from dismantling your side in a heartbeat, giving you the chance to shut them down quickly and avoid losing progress.

3. Check your radar for spawns

exoprimal tips and tricks spawn points - an arrow highlights the radar with red circles for new dino spawns
Red circles on the minimap indicate new dinosaur spawn locations. 
© Capcom

Speed is of the essence in Exoprimal, so you want to be engaging dinosaurs right as as they appear. The fastest way to do this is to keep an eye on your radar. Whenever a new wave of dinosaurs is spawned, Leviathan will announce it. The spawn location will appear as a purple blob on your screen, but it’s easier to spot as a red circle on your radar. 

When Leviathan summons boss targets like triceratops, check your radar to quickly identify the location of the threat and move to engage it. Start taking out targets as they spawn and you’ll complete your objectives far faster. Better yet, make use of a quality gaming microphone like the HyperX QuadCast to call out the positions to your team. Let them know where the enemies are coming from and which dinosaurs they need to be targeting.

4. Aim for weak points

exoprimal tips and tricks weak points - the player shooting a carnotaurus in the head for bonus damage
Yellow damage numbers indicate critical hits for increased damage. 
© Capcom

Boss dinosaurs like the carnotaurus all have weak points you can hit for increased damage. Some, like the triceratops, also have defensive areas which take reduced damage. Keep an eye on your damage numbers. Yellow hits indicate you’re targeting a weak point fora significant boost to the damage dealt.

The carnotaurus' weak point is its head. The triceratops' weak point is its underbelly. Avoid targeting this triceratops' head as it actually takes reduced damage there. Learn these for each dino type so that you can quickly take them down.

5. New game modes come later

When you start Exoprimal, you’ll only have access to the basic Dino Hunt gametype on a few levels. It feels limited, but that’s by design. Exoprimal starts you off very slowly as a kind of basic tutorial. Keep playing through missions and you’ll unlock cutscenes, encounter new game types, and new dinosaurs to fight. These should come after you’ve leveled up your suits enough to have access to some modules. Speaking of which….

6. Buy and equip modules as soon as you can

exoprimal tips and tricks guide beginners modules - the rigs and modules screen showing equipped and unlocked modules
Upgrading an equipped module can drastically boost a suit's power. 
© Capcom

Each exosuit can equip up to three modules via the Hangar menu. These offer powerful passive boosts like reducing received damage or adding extra ammo. But you’ll need to unlock and buy them first. 

The general ones will be unlocked just by playing the game, so keep an eye out on your end of match rewards. Head to the Rigs & Modules section of any exosuit in the Hangar and you can spend BikCoin to unlock the module for all suits. They’re cheap, so purchase the basic levels of these as soon as you can and equip them on all suits.

Suit-specific modules are unlocked by leveling up that suit. These come with powerful modifiers but are more expensive. Save money for these on your favorite exosuits. Upgrading these will drastically boost your performance in each match.

7. Save your team’s Dominator for chokepoints and later, tougher fights

exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners dominator - the player controls a dinosaur to attack the enemy
Dominators are powerful, but only if you time them well. 
© Capcom

The Dominator allows one member of a team to invade the opposing side’s world as an aggressive dinosaur. It’s a powerful tool for the losing team, but only when used at the right time. When you collect a Dominator, resist the urge to activate it immediately. 

Keep an eye on the other team’s progress via the bars at the top of the screen and launch your attack when you think they’re in the middle of a tight choke point and taking on a later-stage fight against a boss dino. The less room exosuits have to work with, the harder they’ll find it to avoid a Dominator’s strikes. And if they’re facing a AI-controlled T-Rex at the same time as your dino? That’s a recipe for a full team wipe.

8. Craft items must be collected mid-match

exoprimal beginners tips craft items - an arrow points to a collectable craft item
Make sure to grab Craft items when they drop during a match. 
© Capcom

The last of our Exoprimal tips and tricks is about one of the game’s worst explained features. Craft items are consumables you can use to spawn things like defensive barriers, platforms, and turrets. However, you won't start a match with any.

Instead, you need to keep an eye our for yellow items which appear after taking out certain enemies. They look a bit like floating tablets in golden light. Run through these and you’ll gain one charge of your chosen Craft item, which can then be deployed during the game. The barriers and turrets are particularly useful on some levels, so make sure you pick these up when you spot them.

exoprimal tips and tricks guide - the accolades screen with player MVP
 Follow these tips and you'll find yourself on this screen a whole lot more often. 
© Capcom

That’s all for our Exoprimal tips and tricks for beginners, but you can gain an extra edge in-game with the right gaming gear. Grab a HyperX Cloud II gaming headset to quickly isolate where the most deadly dino threats are coming from, then pair it with a QuadCast USB microphone to keep clear lines of communication open with your team throughout!

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