Your virtual vacation guide to the best in-game escapes

Sun, sand, and a sense of adventure await in this summer's hottest digital holidays!

This year, don’t let reality get in the way of a good getaway. Vacation season is upon us, but there’s no need to spend those precious hours stuck in airport queues. It’s time for a video game voyage. Embark on one of our all-inclusive in-game expeditions and you can enjoy the sights and sounds of myriad worlds at a moment’s notice. 

Forget crowded resorts and restaurants teeming with tourists. Browse our digital detoxes below to discover sun-soaked sands and ancient wonders ideally suited for solo adventurers. And for those who prefer traveling with company, we’ve selected hand-crafted entertainment-focused outings fit for both friends and family. All you need to pack is a controller (or mouse + keyboard) and your gaming headset of choice.

Sojourn on the isles of Skellige

virtual vacations the witcher 3 skellige poster of geralt on a boat with text: Set sail to skellige
© CD Projekt Red

The islanders of Skellige have an unfair reputation for offering outsiders a frosty reception. There’s certainly plenty of snow to be found in the hills of this northern archipelago, but a single round of mead shared in The New Port tavern of Kaer Trolde Harbor will be more than enough to win you friendships that could last a lifetime.

Renting a boat is the best way to traverse this unrelentingly scenic retreat. Our recommendation? Indulge in a full, leisurely circuit over the course of a week. With a stay on each island, you'll have plenty of time to hone your card craft at the popular regional game of Gwent. Provided you front the coin for each loss, you won’t earn too many rivalries along the way. The local wildlife can prove aggressive, so it’s advised to enlist the aide of a local guide known as a Witcher to ensure you avoid any uncomfortable encounters.

Set sail to Skellige today in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox).

Let the New Donk City lights dazzle you

virtual vacation new donk city super mario bros odyssey poster with text
© Nintendo

If a city break is what you’re after, look no further than the skyscrapers of New Donk City – a bombastic metropolis that’s literally on the rise. Amid the ever-present bustle of taxis and construction workers, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the life of a New Donker. The city is famous for its thriving jazz culture, and sports fans will be over the moon about the regular jump rope competitions available in the local park.

The city’s annual music festival – led by town mayor Pauline, no less – is a unforgettable experience featuring fireworks, dancing, and a special celebration of the town’s iconic plumbing trade. Just make sure not to book your stay during one of the city’s infamously noisy golfing tournaments, unless you enjoy dodging balls hit by a six-foot gorilla. And if you need a break from the chaos of New Donk City life? The leisurely beaches of Seaside Kingdom are just a single shuttle ride away.

Flag down your ride to New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch).

Cruise through nostalgia on the Sea of Thieves

An all-inclusive cruise where kids of all ages (even big kids 40+) can enjoy a trip back in time to Mêlée Island. Pick your destination, play some music on deck, or force your family to walk the plank as you head to the real star of LucasGames’ classic The Legend of Monkey Island. If you get bored along the way without in-cabin entertainment, make your own by firing friends out of a cannon or fishing for a megalodon. More fun than a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, that’s for sure.

Get a taste for treasure today in Sea of Thieves (PC and Xbox).

Discover the Forbidden West’s best-kept secrets

In-game holidays horizon forbidden west poster with aloy on a beach and text
© Guerrilla Games

Looking for coastline with a splash of history alongside its waters? Then it’s time to head for the Horizon. Those with adventure at heart (and a willingness to fit several quivers in their suitcases) will find the water’s edge of the Forbidden West a far more welcoming place than the name might suggest. Rent a cabin at Tide’s Reach and you can bask in the morning sunshine with your feet in the waves, then explore dense mangroves and woods just a stone’s throw from the sand.

For the perfect day trip, rent a boat or hitch a ride on a Sunwing to Legacy’s Landfall. From this humble island port you’ll be able to explore ancient ruins untouched by human hands for more than a thousand years. It’s the perfect place to marvel at nature’s reclamation, but remember to keep your distance from the local wildlife unless you want to become Slaughterspine supper!

Unleash your inner archaeological trailblazer now in Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4).

Laugh in the face of Death (Mountain) as an Eldin explorer!

virtual vacations zelda tears of the kingdom eldin death mountain climb poster which reads
© Nintendo

Bouldering for only the boldest of souls is awaits those willing to brave the heights of Hyrule’s Eldin region. Sweat-savoring adventurers will find far more than a simple workout here as they scale the daunting crags of Death Mountain. Don’t let the name dissuade you: the once fiery behemoth has cooled enough in recent years to allow for open exploration without bulky protective gear – though you should still pack some suncream!

It’s not all about the climb, either. Test your archery prowess at the newly established Mine-Cart Land, then grab a bite of the region’s famous Goron-spiced rock roast before letting those muscles unwind in a rejuvenating hot spring. The recently installed rail system means even those unable to physically scale the cliffs won’t miss out on breathtaking views across Akkala, Hebra, and beyond.

Muster the courage to conquer Death Mountain today in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Nintendo Switch).

Wherever you choose for your virtual travels, enhance your experience with the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset. Compatible with PC and all consoles, it pairs pristine audio with complete comfort to maximize immersion during your in-game adventure.

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