7 august video game underdogs that could steal your heart

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Moving Out 2, Sea of Stars, and more!

Psst, over here! Yeah, you’ve probably already seen the billboards and online ads for August’s major video game releases, but those aren’t the only ones arriving this month. They may not even be the best. Allow us to open your eyes to August’s video game underdogs: this month’s releases that might not make headlines, but could definitely snag a space in your personal list of faves.

Everspace 2 (PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

Release date: August 8

Set sail for the stars, but make sure your weapons are fully charged first. This third-person single-player spaceship shooter sequel drops the roguelike elements of the original title. Instead, players can explore a hand-crafted world packed with resources and loot to collect. Just be prepared to lock lasers and missiles with the other star-farers prowling the void. They want that gear just as much as you do. The PC version has been out for a while, but PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners will soon be able to take on missions, upgrade or trade out their ship, then head out to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy.

WrestleQuest (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

August video game underdogs wrestlequest - four characters face off inside a wreslting ring. The left two are a monkey and a pig
© Mega Cat Studios

Release date: August 8

Pro wrestling meets turn-based RPG action in this pixelart story of powerbombs, piledrivers, and passion within the ring. Get tutored by wrestling legends like Randy Savage and Andre the Giant as you battle your way from the amateur scene to the world title. A path that involves tangling with a surprising number of spandex-clad lizards, pigs, and other animals/monsters. 

Moving Out 2 (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: August 15

The good folks of Packmore are once again ready to swap houses, and your team of miscreant movers are apparently the only ones around to do the job. The setup will be familiar to any fan of the original: Race against the clock to hurl goods into the back of a van with your friends in this Overcooked-style co-op party game. Master the physics required to toss a sofa through an upstairs window, complete hidden challenges, and do your best to break as much of the house as possible in the process. 

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

august video game underdogs shadow gambit: the cursed crew - a character hides from a vision cone of a patrolling guard
© Mimimi Games

Release date: August 17

The careful squad-based strategy of Shadow Tactics and Desperados has downed a bottle of rum and donned a jaunty hat. Welcome aboard the pirate adventure of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. Gather a cursed crew aboard your ghost ship as you avoid the Inquisition and search for a legendary lost treasure. Each member comes with their own set of supernatural skills and abilities, mixing stealth and sudden action. Time your strikes perfectly to take down guards and outwit your enemies.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (PC, Switch)

Release date: August 18

Parkour, skate, and ride your way through the streets of New Amsterdam. Introduce vibrant colors to the city as you tag locations and battle both rival crews and the oppressive police to increase your REP. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks like a love letter to Jet Set Radio fans, and it features just as funky a soundtrack to enjoy as you rack up those combos.

Fort Solis (PC, PS5)

august video game underdogs fort solis - a man in a space suit stands in an ominous base corridor with a sign reading Fort Solis
© Fallen Leaf

Release date: August 22

Something has gone wrong on the Red Planet. Fort Solis is a narrative thriller set in a remote mining base on Earth’s nearest sibling. When a distress call brings Jack to the facility, he finds it unexpectedly abandoned. Exploring the desolate environment, he’ll uncover the fate of the missing base’s crew and attempt to survive the night as a dangerous storm batters the compound. Fort Solis takes place over four chapters which the developer says can be enjoyed “like a Netflix series,” which means either “binged in one intense session or played chapter by chapter.” 

Sea of Stars (PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

Release date: August 29

Embark on a nostalgic RPG adventure in this stunningly gorgeous pixel-art adventure inspired by classics like Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun. The story follows two children of the solstice who must combine their powers to overcome a fearsome alchemist called The Fleshmancer. Need a break from that daunting task? Sea of Stars will let you enjoy a spot of fishing, sailing, or tabletop gaming as you explore the world and meet its many characters.

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