Valorant Champions 2023 highlights from the finals weekend

Seat-clenching clutches, cinematic stars and more from the greatest competition in the Valorant Champions Tour.

With the final burst from a Vandal, Valorant Champions 2023 was over. But while the tournament may have come to a close, your enjoyment of it needn’t simmer down just yet. We’ve picked out some key Valorant Champions 2023 highlights from the finals weekend, both in and outside of the games. So reload those hype magazines, scroll down and keep riding that high from Evil Geniuses’ dramatic victory on the greatest stage of Valorant esports.

Valorant Champions 2023 highlights from the finals

valorant champions 2023 highlights from the finals
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Tuyz shuts down Fnatic with a 3K clutch

On their way  to knocking favorites Fnatic from the lower bracket, defending champions LOUD pulled out plenty of impressive solo performances. Tuyz’s 3K clutch on Haven’s A-Site was a standout hold, demolishing any hopes of Fnatic chasing down the Brazilian side’s lead during the deciding game.

Beastly behavior between LOUD and Fnatic

Fnatic fans didn’t have too much cause to cheer during Valorant Champions 2023’s closing stages. But one positive memory will definitely be this showdown between Alfajer’s plushie panda and the animal cohort of Loud’s Aspas. During a technical pause, the two players psyched up their furry familiars for an intense staring contest as the commentators speculated over which animals would come out of a scrap on top.

Something wets his knife

The upper bracket final between PRX and EG was arguably even more thrilling than the final. Despite the immense pressure of the moment, nothing was going to stop Paper Rex from having a blast like they usually do. Down nine rounds to six, something decided it was time to pull out the knife and bid Ethan’s back a bloody good day.

Forsaken unleashes the Odin

PRX secured the winners’ side place in the final, but that spot only came thanks to a close save in the upper final's last few rounds. As EG looked on the precipice of victory, f0rsaken brought out the big gun to pull off an improbable Odin spraydown.

Boostio gobbles up a thrifty ace

The camera angles don’t do this one justice, so give it a few watches until your brain comprehends what occurred. With EG close to economical collapse, Boostio managed to land a Sheriff headshot on PRX’s Jingg. Snatching his fallen enemy’s rifle out of the air, he then went on to demolish the rest of their roster, securing a thrifty ace that put EG firmly in control of the game. Keep an eye on his player cam for the look of utter disbelief at the end.

Celebrity moments

Even Hollywood stars can’t resist the satisfaction of a Vandal one-tap. One surprise appearance at the show was actor Ben Affleck. The Batman star turned up with his kids to enjoy the action, revealing that he’s a KAY/O and Raze main and isn't too happy about the imminent Jett nerfs. It’s fair to say that he received a far better reaction than a certain other tech entrepreneur who caused the entire crowd to erupt into boos when his face flashed up on camera. There’s no block button for that one, we’re afraid.

Something’s unreal flick

And the award for most ridiculous flick of the tournament goes to: PRX something. During a burst of aggression into Ascent’s Garden and Heaven, he eliminates Boostio, pushes forward, and then somehow spins 90° to flick Demon1 in the head right as they step out of a viper smoke. Crisp.

COM’s flank catches PRX out

We’ve seen bad-mannered knives and ridiculous reactions, so it’s only fair we make time for a big-brain play too. With PRX defending the downed spike and in a 2v1 advantage, this round in the upper-bracket final seemed all but over. Until, that was, COM made the decision to embark on a flank so enormous that PRX’s remaining players didn’t even consider it a possibility. A tidy spray transfer, and two very sheepish PRX players.

EG become the Valorant Champions of 2023

Of course, we couldn’t end with anything other than EG’s moment of glory. Watching a side formerly written off rise to the apex of competition was easily one of the best Valorant Champions 2023 highlights. Here it is to enjoy one more time:

What was your favorite moment from Valorant Champions 2023?

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