The best Starfield custom spaceships we've seen so far

Players have already created iconic spaceships from Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and more with Starfield's ship-building tools.

What you get up to in Starfield is none of our business. How you get about while you’re doing it, though? Now that we’re interested in. The ship-building tools in Bethesda’s gargantuan space RPG offer immense creative potential, and players have already run wild with their designs. Here are the best Starfield custom spaceships we’ve seen shared online so far.

The best Starfield custom spaceships

Unsurprisingly, the game’s sci-fi setting has led most Starfield custom ship builders to try their hand at recreating famous starfarers from other sci-fi series. The Starfield community has built versions of iconic ships from games, TV shows, and movies like Mass Effect, Star Wars, StarCraft 2, and Firefly. Here are a few of our favorite inspired designs and unique creations from all the ships we've seen so far. Be sure to check out the links to the creators, as many have put together helpful guidesfor how to build them for yourself.

Arwing (Star Fox)

Nintendo may have seemingly abandoned the Star Fox series for now, but you can still get your fix by building an Arwing in Starfield! That's exactly what Twitter user BuckyArt1701 one stepped up to do, creating this fantastic replica in stunning blue and white. The perfect craft in which to barrel roll past your enemies. Now we just need a Star Wolf to rival it!

Serenity (Firefly)

Best starfield custom ships firefly serenity
Created by neok182.

Two decades may have passed since Firefly’s sci-fi Western series became a cult classic, but the show lives on in the hearts of fans like Reddit user neok182. They designed this impressively accurate recreation of the show's main ship Serenity. Playing the theme song while piloting it is mandatory.

The Normandy (Mass Effect)

@spectrexgaming Replying to @tinypizzawizzard what should be next? #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Mass Effect 3 - Leaving Earth - Main Theme - Geek Music

Gaming’s most beloved sci-fi epic was never going to go unappreciated in Starfield's ship creation. Mass Effect has already had a wealth of excellent tributes, including this version of the SR-2 by TikTok user spectrexgaming. Their page features an enormous number of Starfield spaceship recreations from various sci-fi universes, so have a browse if you’re lacking inspiration. There are loads of other Normandys out there too, including this one by CAOnionMaster. Check them out if you want give your Commander Shepard a home in Starfield.

Swordfish (Cowboy Bebop)

Best starfield custom spaceships Cowboy Bebop
Created by Chatsubo_dude.

If your interstellar playlist goes heavy on the jazz, then there’s no better ride you could build than the Swordfish from anime Cowboy Bebop. This version was created by Reddit user Chatsubo_dude, who nailed the look of Spike’s modified racer. Load up the Tank! theme song and you’ve got a countdown for each liftoff.

Battlecruiser / Hyperion (StarCraft 2)

Best starfield custom ships starcraft 2
Created by foxhoundno3.

There appears to be plenty of overlap between Starfield and StarCraft fans too. We’ve seen several attempts to recreate the Terran faction’s most iconic warship, including this one by Reddit user foxhoundno3. Consider also taking a look at this version by DrunkenComrade or travvy87’s Hyperion, the latter of which comes pictured alongside versions of FTL’s Kestrel and Mass Effect’s Normandy.

Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, X-Wing (Star Wars)

Best starfield custom ships Millennium Falcon
Created by krunkstep77

You already knew that the Millennium Falcon would be first on many a spaceship builder’s manifesto, and there are tons of designs out there in the wilds of the web. We’re fans of this boxy version by krunkstep77 which required trips to several different planets to put together.

best starfield custom spaceships star destroyer
Created by SloPr0

Next up is the Imperial Star Destroyer, sure to instill fear in any Crimson Fleet pirates as you exit a jump into their system. This version was built by SloPr0 using majority Deimos modules.

best starfield custom ships xwing star wars
Created by Fudgiebrown.

And of course, no Star Wars collection would be complete without an X-Wing. This model was built by Fudgiebrown, though it’s a tad larger than those Luke and co. piloted in the movies! There are loads of other jawdropping Star Wars designs out there, including B-Wings, Y-Wings, and less common ships like the Ebon Hawk and Razor Crest.

Pelican (Halo)

Best Starfield custom spaceships Halo pelican
Created by Kryptic___

Starfield is set just a few hundred years before the events of Halo, but some ship designs are clearly timeless. Here, creator Kryptic___ has whipped up an impressive Pelican, which will be more than ready to start airdropping troops onto ring worlds after a couple of centuries have passed. For another Halo design, check out this Charon design by VantaGensis.

Dinozord (Power Rangers)

Best starfield custom ships dinozord
Created by southpaw85.

Precise recreations of sleek and smooth spaceships are all well and good, but we’ve also got plenty of time for the entertainingly dorky too like this Dinozord-inspired design by southpaw85. Starfield lets you live your fantasy, so don't let realism or popularity be a restriction on what you make!

SR-71 Blackbird  (real life)

best starfield custom spaceship blackbird
Created by Koonster.

Inspiration needn’t be limited to just fantasy seafarers, of course. Reddit user Koonster put in the hours to build this impressive star-faring version of the SR-71 Blackbird recon plane.

Capybara (real life)

Best Starfield custom ships capybara design
Shared by Luu-69.

And finally, we couldn’t help but end our inspired builds with this adorably squat Capybara craft built by Reddit user Luu-69’s boyfriend. We must protect it at all cost, and we can’t wait to see more animal-inspired designs.

Custom creations

Best starfield custom spaceships builds
Created by Wortokua, NyanDank, and Luke1539.

Starfield’s community hasn’t held back when it comes to unique ship designs either. Admiring the incredible variation in custom creations has quickly become a highlight of the game when we’re not busy playing it. We’re especially fond of Wortokua's behemoth, NyanDank’s Stingray, and Luke1539’s framework craft (pictured in that order above). What are your favorite Starfield custom ship builds so far, and what are you piloting in-game yourself?

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