Gaming Halloween events delivering spooks and scares in 2023

All the haunting Halloween events happening in your favorite games this year

Halloween is the time of year in which monsters come out from under our beds and start hanging out in our favorite video games instead. Turns out, they’re a lot of fun, too! There are loads of 2023 gaming Halloween events taking place over the next few weeks. So prepare yourself for some scares, because we’ve rounded up all the major in-game Halloween events across Call of Duty, Fortnite, Dead By Daylight, Phasmophobia, and many more.

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Apex Legends: Doppelgangers Collection Event

Halloween gaming events 2023 apex legends
© Respawn Entertainment

Duration: Until Oct 31

Spooky season engulfs the Apex arena with the return of Trick ‘N’ Treat Trios and the new Doppelgangers Collection Event. Earn points each day by completing challenges to unlock special rewards and skins for the event. If you unlock all 24 Doppelgangers Event items, you’ll gain the Revenant’s Apex Nightmare Skin which can be upgraded by working through several tiers.

Call of Duty: The Haunting

Modern Warfare II and Warzone are suffering an onslaught of jump scares and deadly revivals once again thanks to The Haunting 2023 event. Zombie Royale mode returns to Warzone, and the haunted Vondead map replaces Vondel. On top of that, Operation Nightmare sees The Butcher from Diablo appearing across Al Mazrah and Vondead. Take him out to earn a unique reward for Diablo IV. In Modern Warfare II, several maps and modes have been given festive makeovers. The new Zombies Infected mode sees living players lasting as long as they can against a growing swarm of infected enemies.

Dead By Daylight: Haunted by Daylight

Duration: Oct 18 - Nov 6

Killers and Survivors are adding an extra spice of spook to their endless struggle, with special Halloween rewards to be earned. Unstable rifts appear around the map each game and can be collected by both Survivors and Killers to earn energy. Gather enough energy and portals into the Void will open. Release the haunts within by donating your energy and you'll earn buffs for the rest of the game. Event-themed items return to the Bloodweb, including a special offering for bonus Bloodpoints. Keep an eye out for Pumpkins as well. They can be stomped on for an extra buff and a handful of Bloodpoints too.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

Halloween gaming events 2023 destiny 2 festival of the lost
© Bungie

Duration: Oct 17 - Nov 7

Candy collection is back in Destiny 2’s regular Festival of the Lost event. Grab a Festival mask, hop into haunted sectors, and collect new loot. Festival of the Lost challenges can be checked over on the Event Card available from the Quests tab. There’s also the new Acosmic Heavy Grenade Launcher and bug-based armor ornaments voted for by the game’s community.

Elder Scrolls Online: Witches Festival

Gaming events halloween 2023 elder scrolls online witches festival
© ZeniMax Online Studios

Duration: Oct 16 - Nov 7

Tamriel tasks you with hunting its most monstrous of creatures in this year’s Witches Festival. A passive 100% XP boost is active throughout the event, and players can also claim event rewards including Plunder Skulls, Event Tickets, and more. Complete the event quest to earn the ability to summon a special cauldron which can transform you into a terrifying skeleton.

For Honor: Theater of Bones

Duration: Oct 26 - Nov 16

Sharpen your blades, because For Honor’s 2023 Halloween event brings the sinister White Bone Spirit and her theater of evil illusions to the fore. The Theater of Bones tasks you with taking down her challenging minions in a PvE mission. Succeed and you'll release those caught under her spell.

Fortnite: Fortnitemares 2023

Duration: Oct 10 - Nov 2

The Fortnitemares event has crawled from the grave for another year, bringing candy collectables which grant special buffs to your matches. The Pumpkin Launcher and Witches Broom return, and new weapons for the event include the Wood Stake Shotgun. Use it to take down Kado Thorne at the Eclipse Estate. There’s also a Horde Rush limited time experience to enjoy. Complete Fortnitemares Quests to unlock unsettling cosmetics like a glider and back bling.

Hunt: Showdown: Tide of Corruption

Halloween gaming events 2023 hunt showdown
© Crytek

Duration: Oct 25 - Nov 1

Hunt: Showdown’s Halloween event brings three new Pacts to pledge to. Each one grants unique Traits, and you can learn more by progressing through the Tide of Corruption event. During the event, you can also watch the game on Twitch to earn spooky items in game depending if you've linked your account. 

Overwatch 2: Halloween Terror and Rise of Darkness

Halloween gaming events 2023 Overwatch 2 Rise of Darkness
© Blizzard

Duration: Oct 10 - Nov 7

Overwatch 2 is currently in the midst of a full-scale spooky season called Rise of Darkness. It’s tied to Diablo IV, but there are plenty of Halloween-worthy skins included in the current pass. The Halloween Terror event is also back, this time adding the Trials of Sanctuary Arcade game mode alongside Junkenstein’s Revenge and Wrath of the Bride. Complete Halloween Terror challenges to unlock a selection of creepy items.

Phasmophobia: Halloween Event 2023

Halloween gaming events 2023 phasmophobia
© Kinetic Games

Duration: From October 26

Phasmophobia lives in a permanently spooky state, but it’ll be ramping up the festive fun this month with a reworked version of the Maple Lodge Campsite and decorations for the HQ area. Explore the new map to find hidden recipe cards which you can deposit in the bubbling cauldron at your base. Complete the concoction to craft a Halloween ID card badge and a special trophy. Just make sure you're using a quality headset like the HyperX Cloud III so you can quickly identify the ghost's location when it starts hunting! Clearly it wants a sip from your delicious cauldron brew!

Pokémon GO: Halloween 2023

Halloween gaming events 2023 pokemon go
© The Pokémon Company

Duration: Oct 19 - 26, then 26-31

The ghostly Greavard and its evolution Houndstone join for this year’s Pokémon GO Halloween event. Special Research focuses on Ghost types, and you can also conduct Spiritomb Limited Research to get encounters with shiny ghost types like Spiritomb in the first period.

From October 26nd, Pokémon will also be partaking in the party. Several creatures like Pikachu and Gengar will appear in Wild Encounters with special Trick & Treat or Spooky Festival outfits.Timed Research will be available to earn encounters with Zorua, Phantump, and costumed Pokémon.

Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse 4

Duration: Oct 13 - Nov 3

Return to the Doktor’s Castle to face old terrors in Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween 2023 event. Enjoy games of hide and seek which do away with firearms entirely. Monsters lay traps and utilize abilities as they attempt to survive the night and escape the team of Hunters prowling the halls.

Rocket League: Haunted Hallows

Halloween gaming events 2023 Rocket League Haunted Hallows
© Psyonix

Duration: Oct 18 - Nov 1

This year’s Haunted Hallows event brings The Nightmare Before Christmas bundles to the game’s store. During Haunted Hallows you can complete event challenges to unlock cosmetics like the Vampire Teeth Antenna and Bolt Head Topper. There’s also the chance to earn up to five Golden Pumpkins containing items from older series. Enjoy limited-time modes including Spooky Cube and Haunted Heatseeker which add unusual twists to how the ball behaves.

World of Warcraft: Hallow’s End 2023

Halloween gaming events 2023 World of Warcraft hallow's end
© Blizzard

Duration: Oct 18 - Nov 1

The Headless Horseman returns to raze Razor Hill and Goldshire once more. Take him on by queuing in the Dungeon Finder. New to this year’s event are Candy Buckets which can be found across the inns of each zone, including the Dragon Isles. The Headless Horseman encounter also has new rewards including Windborne Velocidrake: Hallow's End Armor and the ghostly dog Arfus pet. There’s also a new off-hand item called The Bucket of Morbid Treats available from Chub and Dorothy, the Hallow’s End vendors.

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