Devil May Cry 2 HD Collection guide: Lucia's Secret Room locations

Where to find every hidden mission with the twin-bladed Lucia.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection has been released into the wild on PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s a fairly direct port of the package released last generation. Devil May Cry 2 isn’t the best game in the series, but it still brings its own charms (and crucially, Dante’s best red leather outfit) that make it worth a playthrough.

While Devil May Cry 1 & 3 are fairly straight forward when it comes to finding their Secret Missions, the second game in the series changed up the formula, hiding these challenges behind unmarked walls in each level. No matter what order you find them in the campaign, you’ll always play the Secret Room challenges from first to last (the first you find will be Secret Room 1, the second, Secret Room 2, and so forth).

(Looking for Dante’s Secret Room’s? We’ve got ‘em right here.)

How to find Lucia's Secret Rooms

In this article we’ll be covering the location of every Secret Room for Lucia’s part of the game. There are a total of 30, with 10 available on Normal mode, 10 on Hard, and 10 on Lucia Must Die mode. You’ll earn a Blue Orb Fragment for every two Secret Rooms you complete. Fortunately, they’re located in the same places on all difficulties. If you need some help hunting down the final Secret Rooms in Devil May Cry 2 HD, take a look at our spreadsheet:




Enter the sewer next to the first God of Time statue and inspect the grate


At the end of the mission continue to the left of the door and inspect the nose of the lion head statue


In the observatory before you find the Healing Heart, the room is under the staircase


Before the door where you fight Jokatgulm, take the staircase to get above the door. Move as far to the right as you can and inspect the wall


When you enter the last room of the mission (it’s red and has three doors) before you meet Arius, there’s a door to the right. Head through their and up the staircase before moving to the right and inspecting the wall


After you fight the giant moth boss, fly up to the ledge and cave to the left using Devil Trigger. You can inspect the cave multiple times so keep trying until you find the correct spot


In the place you found the Aqua Heart there will be a ledge and door to the left. You need to double jump off a pedestal to reach the door


Near the start of the mission you’ll find a gold orb. There should be a door shrouded in darkness nearby that you can jump up to


The door to the left when you see the first Striking Orb. From the start of the mission it’s to the left of a raised area covered in cobwebs. There should only be one in this area. If you get lost just check all the doors on the left from the start of the level


After the first elevator there’s a hallway with a fountain in. Break the vase in that room and inspect the wall behind it

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