GTA 6 reveal trailer takes us back to Vice City

Due to release in 2025.

The best presents arrive a day early. Following another hefty leak, developer Rockstar decided to flip the switch a day in advance, releasing the first GTA 6 trailer into the world. The trailer introduces us to the game’s two main characters and takes us through the upgraded environments of modern-day Vice City. 

Watch the full 90-second trailer below for alligators, twerking, heists, and more:

“Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube,” Rockstar said in a post on X.

GTA 6’s two protagonists appear to be a Bonnie & Clyde style couple committing crimes and heists while on the run. We’re introduced to the first, Lucia, in the trailer’s opening, where she’s shown talking to a counselor in prison.

The character models of the leads certainly look good, but it’s the city itself – along with the surrounding regions – that prove all the more impressive. The trailer gives us a glimpse of bustling beaches packed with crowds of people featuring multiple body types. There's even a tiny chihuahua visible running alongside a man and woman. We’re also shown busy highways, boats cruising through the waves, hazy swamps, and plenty of wildlife too.

A screen from the GTA 6 trailer showing a packed beach with tourists enjoying the sun, filming each other, and walking
© Rockstar

GTA 6 will of course implement technological and social elements from the real world. A sequence of the trailer is shown as if recorded on an Instagram or TikTok style phone app. The montage gives us a look at several potential criminal factions and communities including a night-time street racing meet and a dirt bike gang described as “thugs on motorbikes” in a news segment.

A screen from the GTA 6 trailer showing a social media video of an alligator being removed from a pool
© Rockstar

In the latter stages of the trailer, Lucia is shown in a car and in bed with a man, the game’s second protagonist. The pair share a discussion about trust before the trailer concludes with them bursting into a store at gunpoint. We finish with a look at the Grand Theft Auto 6 logo.

GTA 6 is set to release on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2025. 

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