Gaming winter/holiday events and updates of 2023

The festive fun coming to our favorite games this year.

As frost licks the leaves outside, it’s a good time to grab a warm drink and settle down at the PC or on the sofa with a game or two. Maybe three, because after all, it’s the holidays! It seems our favorite games are no less resistant to the festive spirit, as many have unwrapped gifts for us early by adding in-game Christmas events for us to enjoy over the coming weeks. So grab a cup of mulled wine, don that santa hat, and enjoy these gaming winter and holiday events of 2023. 

A Little to the Left: Merry Mess

A little to the left merry mess event
© Max Inferno

Wholesome item-organizing puzzle game A Little to the Left is adding five new festive challenges for players to enjoy this year. The Merry Mess update will run from December 22-26. It brings new challenges each day in the Daily Tidy mode. Each one presents a festive themed display to align. Snowglobes, candycanes, nutcrackers and more need your organizational help. The full set will be added to the Archive on December 27.

Dead by Daylight: Bone Chill event and rewards calendar

If your idea of giving a Christmas present is offering up a helpless survivor up to the otherworldly entity, then Dead by Daylight’s Bone Chill event should be your first stop. Running from December 14 through to January 4, the event sees snow blanket The Fog. Survivors and Killers alike can collect and throw Snowskulls at one another or hide within hideous snowmen. Just be warned: some may be less welcoming to your presence than others.

The dead by daylight 2023 holiday rewards calendar - in-game holiday winter events
© Behaviour

Work your way through the Event Tome and secure unique currency to unlock outfits including ugly sweaters or weapon skins for several different characters. The rewards calendar returns as well, providing daily login bonuses of Bloodpoints and more. The rewards are generous, so be sure to snap them up even if you're moving on to other games that day!

Destiny 2: The Dawning

Destiny 2 the dawning holiday event Eva stands by her oven. holiday winter gaming events 2023
© Bungie

Destiny 2’s usual holiday event returns for 2023, asking players to gather Dawning Essence and other materials by taking out enemies and completing activities. Why? To bake cookies, of course! Shove your ingredients in Eva’s Holiday Oven and you can bake up tasty treats and secure bounties for rewards. Statis Snowballs are also back in the world. They’ll occasionally drop from enemies and can be thrown to damage enemies and apply slowing effects. The Dawning runs from December 12 to January 2.

Dying Light 2: Winter Tales

Several characters face off in christmas attire - Dying Light 2 winter tales event 2023 holiday gaming updates
© Techland

The zombie apocalypse is no reason to stop the celebrations as Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s Winter Tales update proves. From December 19 the Gifts From Above event will transform the streets with a spritz of festive flair, introduce Santa airdrops, and bring the villanous Uncle Snow for players to fight. Take out Naughty Infected and complete challenges to earn winter-themed gear and charms. There’s also a a Grim Santa Bundle available in the store .

Final Fantasy XIV: Starlight Celebration

Artwork of a santa figure next to a child receiving a gift - Final Fantasy 14 starlight celebration winter event 2023
© Square Enix

Head over to the mysterious Bearded Lady in Old Gridania to commence this year’s Starlight Celebration winter event for Final Fantasy XIV. Complete her quests and you can earn the Unorthodox Saint’s Outfit, ideal for spreading gifts and joy to others. Just make sure you’re level 15 to start! You can also obtain the Topiary Chocobo from the seasonal event vendor to bring some warmth your outdoor spaces during the cold winter nights.

Lake: Season’s Greetings

Instead of a simple update, small-town narrative tale Lake has opted for a full DLC chapter. Set before the events of the main game, it follows Meredith’s Dad Thomas Weiss during Christmas 1985. The DLC promises to answer some questions from the main game and introduces some new characters to meet as you enjoy the holiday spirit and wrap up Weiss’ career as a postal worker.

League of Legends: Winterblessed

Winterblessed camille sits at leisure - winterblessed 2023 gaming events holiday
© Riot

Kicking off on December 6 and running until January 8, this year’s Winterblessed event brings events for all and rewards for those who purchase the Winterblessed 2023 Pass. Emotes, Mythic Essence, and more can be earned by progressing through the pass. Gather 2000 Event Tokens and reach milestone 50 on the pass to unlock Prestige Winterblessed Camille.

Lies of P: Christmas outfits

Even the puppet-ridden city of Krat can’t escape a dash of Christmas cheer thanks to a recent update from developer Neowiz. The small patch introduced three new outfit options for our puppet protagonist to wear: the Midwinter Night’s Red Nose, Earnest Reindeer’s Antlers, and Winter Festival Peaked Hat. Combine the antlers and the nose for our favorite visual combo. Do we look ridiculous wearing these during the game’s boss fights? Yes. Will we take them off? Absolutely not.

Palia: Winterlights

A warming fireplace with christmas decorations - 2023 gaming holiday events palia winterlights
© Singularity 6 Corporation

Santa has airdropped a wealth of seasonal decorations into Palia this year. The Winterlights update brings new decor pieces like presents, snowbanks, and ice patches, all of which can be purchased at the Event Register. You can also equip the Winterlights Snowball as a weapon to surprise others around town. The update also coincides with the opening of the Temple of the Gales. Players can now head into and explore this mysterious fortress high above the clouds by speaking to Elousia or Caleri.

Rocket League: Frosty Fest

Two cars leap into the air promoting Rocket League Frosty Fest 2023 - in-game holiday and winter events 2023
© Psyonix

Frosty Frest is back for another year in Rocket League, bringing festive challenges and limited-time game modes for players to enjoy. 12 Challenges away to unlock toppers, antennas, a decal, and more. Winter Breakaway is back, replacing the ball with a hockey puck in 3v3 matches from December 13 - 20. Speed Demon comes next, running December 20 - 27. In this mode, players have unlimited boost available at double the power. One-second respawns should account for the amount you'll be blowing each other up when playing.

Which gaming holiday or winter events will you be enjoying as 2023 comes to a close? Give the ultimate gaming gift to yourself or another by picking up some HyperX gaming gear for the holidays.

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