Naruto: Shippuden HyperX gear steps back into the fight

Grab Naruto and Itachi gaming gear from the HyperX store again for a limited time!

In a puff of smoke and a dazzling sequence of complex hand signals, the Naruto: Shippuden x HyperX collab is back in action and available to purchase again for a limited window, with discounts on all included items. No time to learn the details? Then head straight to the HyperX store to secure the gear needed to battle with your enemies (and look shuriken sharp as you do it) while stocks last!

Naruto HyperX gaming gear - the Naruto and Itachi mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad split across the screen with each character shown beside them
© HyperX

Featuring keyboards, mice, headsets, and mouse pads, the Naruto: Shippuden collection is the ultimate way to show your anime allegiance. Are you team Naruto or Team Itachi? The choice is yours.  Available individually or as part of a bundle, the available HyperX Naruto gear includes:

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha (Naruto edition)
  • HyperX Alloy Origins (Naruto edition)
  • HyperX Pulsefire Haste (Naruto or Itachi edition)
  • HyperX Pulsefire Mat (Naruto or Itachi edition)

Enlist with Naruto Uzumaki to adorn your gaming space with bold yellows or side with Itachi to display fiery reds. Iconic symbols from the show can be found on each stylish piece of gear. The Pulsefire Haste, for example, features each character’s name written in hiragana and katakana down the length of the keys. Great for practicing your ninjutsu skills and your Japanese alphabets!

The Naruto shippuden gaming gear bundle including the Cloud Alpha, the Pulsefire Haste, the Alloy Origins, and the Pulsefire Mat
© HyperX

Available bundles include the complete HyperX Naruto Bundle which packs in the Cloud Alpha, Alloy Origins, Pulsefire Haste, and Pulsefire Mat in Naruto’s signature colors. Already equipped with a HyperX headset? You can also opt for a smaller Naruto bundle which drops the Cloud Alpha to deliver mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. Itachi fans can also collect a brooding red-and-black set featuring the Pulsefire Haste mouse and Pulsefire Mat.

The Naruto: Shippuden x HyperX collection is only available for a limited time, so head over to the store page now to secure gaming gear you can believe in! Now, back to practicing those hand signals. We'll master them one day...

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