Bring Guild Wars 2 to your game space with the latest HyperX keycap collab

Let your favorite in-game mounts roam across your keyboard with this new HX3D keycap collab.

HyperX has partnered with Guild Wars 2 to create a new line of 3D-printed keycaps inspired by the immensely popular MMORPG.

Designed in close partnership with Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet, the new limited collection of HX3D keycaps for mechanical keyboards includes models based on the game’s iconography and beloved in-game mounts. If you’re already clutching at your coin purse, then head straight to the Guild Wars 2 collection on the HyperX store to gear up for your next adventure.

The selection of keys includes a red-gray Guild Wars 2 logo keycap displaying the game’s iconic title atop a stone surface cracked with broiling magma. Embed it as your Escape key and it’ll watch imperiously over your actions each time you head online. There’s no need to fret about function either; the flat top makes this a suitable key to be used in the midst of the hardiest adventures.

The HyperX Guild Wars 2 Mount Bundle showing all nine keys on a keyboard - HX3D Guild Wars 2 keycaps
© HyperX

There’s love here for your best in-game companions too, and we certainly don’t mean your guildmates! That’s right, your trusty steed is no long restricted the online realm – they can now leap beyond Tyria and join you atop your keyboard. Nine mount keycaps bring beastly character to your game space, showing off your love of your chosen creature companion.

Choose your favorite steed and pick them up separately for pride of place upon your board. Or complete the set with the Mount Bundle, which packages all nine together so you can line them up or swap them out to suit the character you’re playing.

The full HyperX x Guild Wars 2 keycap collection includes:

  • Icon Keycap
  • Mount Bundle (all nine mount keycaps)
  • Warclaw Keycap
  • Springer Keycap
  • Skimmer Keycap
  • Skyscale Keycap
  • Turtle Keycap
  • Beetle Keycap
  • Raptor Keycap
  • Jackal Keycap
  • Griffon Keycap

HX3D keycaps will work with all HyperX mechanical keyboards and should work with most other mechanical keyboards too.

Ready to expand your Tyrian adventures to your PC gaming space? Head to the HyperX x Guild Wars 2 collection page and take your pick while stocks last!

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