February video games: the 7 biggest games of the month

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Pacific Drive and more make February's biggest video game releases a tantalizing prospect.

Already wrapped up Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown or Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and on the hunt for something new? February’s video games have got what you need! 2024’s release calender is kicking into gear, and we’ve picked out the seven biggest games of the month that could soon be setting up shop on your screen. Your monthly hype cycle starts here.


A team spews pink foam ahead of them in a battle area - February's biggest video games Foamstars
© Square Enix

Release date: February 6

Platforms: PS5 and PS4

The fiesta starts early in February with the launch of Square Enix’s Splatoon-esque team shooter, Foamstars. In this 4v4 shooter, players can fire foam and bubble-based weapons to build up terrain, create surfaces to slide on, or coat the competition. It’s arriving as one of the February monthly games for PS Plus, so subscribers have no excuse for skipping this party.

Helldivers 2

Release date: February 8

Platforms: PC, PS5

Hardcore, co-operative bug-hunting returns, this time with a shift to an over-the-should perspective. Helldivers 2 promises the same impossible odds as you drop onto planets overrun by monstrous bugs, and just as much potential for unfortunate (yet entertaining) friendly fire accidents. Enlist this month so protect peace and democracy by, uh, blowing up anything you see. Especially your squadmates.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft

Lara Croft points two pistols at a giant stone figure wielding swords -February video games Tomb Raider 1-3 remastered
© Aspyr

Release date: February 14

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

Long before Nathan Drake was a twinkle in Naughty Dog’s eye, Ms. Croft was already backflipping her way through temples and unloading twin pistols in dinosaurs' faces. This remastered collection packs the first three Tomb Raider games together, with upgraded resolutions and the option to swap between the classic polygonal look or new visuals on the fly. And yes, the games do all star Lara Croft. Just in case the title wasn’t clear on that front.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Release date: February 16

Platforms: Switch

If you’re new to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong games, you’re likely not alone. The original launched for the Game Boy Advance more than 20 years ago! This month the first of these puzzle platforming game is making its return, with spruced up visuals and new additions such as co-op and  casual difficulty modes. Plan your route through each level carefully and you’ll soon amass your own troupe of mini Mario toys to direct. There’s a demo available on the Switch eShop now.

Skull and Bones

Three ships sail pas one another in front of a flaming, smoking fort. A fourth ship crashes upon rocks at the left side. February video games skull and bones
© Ubisoft

Release date: February 16

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

It’s been seven years since Skull and Bones was first revealed, and we can’t imagine the developers at the time had any clue as to just how rough the development waters would prove to be. But emerging from the other side of those turbulent waves, the pirate-em-up game has patched up its hull and finally looks ready to leave port. Taking on contracts across the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, your goal is to boost your reputation and prove yourself a pirate of legend – alone or alongside a crew of your pals. Will it be worth its salt after all this time? The open beta running from February 8-11 offers a chance for potential seadogs to test the waters.

Pacific Drive

Release date: February 22

Platforms: PC, PS5

The Olympic Exclusion Zone isn’t a place many folks want to be stuck in. Filled with supernatural anomalies, it’s dangerous enough before you factor in the rolling, deadly storms. Yet here you are within the walls. Your station wagon is your main lifeline in this vehicle-centered survival game, so keep it running above all else. Scavenge what you need to sustain and upgrade your car as you delve deeper into the Zone and uncover its tempting and sometimes terrifying secrets.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

A combat sequence with magical spells being cast. Aerith is close up, with Tifa visible in the background February biggest game releases Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
© Square Enix

Release date: February 29

Platforms: PS5

The second leg of Cloud and co.’s grand remake closes out February's video game releases. It continues the extended retelling of an all-time gaming great. Aerith, Tifa, Barret, Yuffie and more pals leave the city of Midgar to chase the menacing Sephiroth (admit it, you just starting humming his theme). Naturally, they’ll also find plenty of time for silly minigames like Chocobo races. Trailers have teased a particularly famous heart-wrenching scene, but there’s plenty of room for the remake to surprise us as it reframes the original story.

Which of the biggest games of February 2024 are you eager to get your hands on? Check out the 2024 release calender to see what else is coming, and head to the HyperX store for all the gaming gear you need to maximize your enjoyment when you load them up.

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