How to get started in Sea of Thieves

Find your sea legs fast with our guide to the basics.

Sea of Thieves, the free-roaming multiplayer pirate-em-up from legendary developer Rare, has finally launched but if you're planning to dive into its briny delights, take a moment to read our starter's guide first. It's fair to say there's no game quite like this, and a little preparation will go a long way in helping you rule the waves, rather than rotting beneath them.

1. Talk to yer crew!

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Sea of Thieves is a co-operative game, so you'll need to co-operate. No, really. This isn't just about being on the same team. If you don't communicate with each other, you won't even be able to control your ship properly. Choose your roles, stick to them and let everybody know what's happening at all times. If you don't have a microphone, frankly you're going to struggle, but you can still use the game's emotes and pre-recorded phrases to make yourself heard. Just press up on the d-pad, or G on the keyboard, to call up your options.

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