The Ataribox retro console is now officially the Atari VCS

a preorder date is due in April.

Atari’s upcoming retro console has been officially renamed from the Ataribox to the Atari VCS, with more details due from the Games Development Conference this week.

© Atari
© Atari

The Ataribox was officially confirmed last year, with the once bankrupt company’s CEO stating that they were ‘back in the hardware business.” The development soon ran into a delay, resulting in Atari cancelling their crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign for the product. Production seems to be underway once more however, with the latest version to be tested at GDC this week.

The console aims to blend modern and retro gaming, and early prototypes included a classic joystick controller.

Atari has said that a preorder date for the console will be announced in April, with the console expected to retail for around $250-300.

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