How to fix Sea of Thieves error codes

Troubleshooting for Greybeard, CinnamonBeard, BronzeBeard, KiwiBeard and TrimmedBeard all clipped and preened below.

Yarr, me hearties! Sea of Thieves is finally out onto the great blue yonder, and there's a fresh bucketload of network and game errors stopping us getting our pieces of eight. If you've encountered any of the (appropriately hirsuit) Greybeard, CinnamonBeard, BronzeBeard, KiwiBeard or TrimmedBeard errors then you are in the right place to get yourself shipshape. We've got some solutions to help you get through these trying times, so check out how to troubleshoot these beardy errors below.

GreyBeard Sea of Thieves error fix

© Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

There are a lot of errors listed on the Sea of Thieves support page, but GreyBeard is not one of them. Our search for answers took us to the Sea of Thieves subreddit, where users guessed that it was related to matchmaking. That makes sense since we've only encountered this one when grouped up and trying to find a match together, but we still don’t know for sure.

For what it’s worth, players can visit the Sea of Thieves support page for more information, or they can follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter for real-time updates such as the above.

CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard Sea of Thieves error fixes

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The CinnamonBeard error appears to be an extension of the BronzeBeard error we were seeing during the game's pre-launch betas, so we're pretty well versed in fixing that one. Here's the error description and its solution:

We were unable to connect you to the game. Please do the following:

  • Press the Guide Button on your controller
  • Highlight Sea of Thieves
  • Press the Menu Button (to the right of the Guide Button on your controller)
  • Highlight "Quit" and press A
  • Re-launch Sea of Thieves from your Pins, Recent or My Games & Apps areas of your console
  • Navigate the menu and join a game as usual

KiwiBeard Sea of Thieves error fix

© Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

The Sea of Thieves KiwiBeard error is a bit of a multi-headed Hydra of a beast, here's the full list of things that can cause it:

  • The Game's Servers Are Closed – Rare and Xbox are not running a play session when you tried to log in, so you cannot play Sea of Thieves right now.
  • You have more than one Gamertag signed in to your console. Please sign all other accounts out of the console, and only launch the game with the one Xbox Live account that has been invited to play.
  • You have not been invited to play the Sea of Thieves Scale Test. If you’re registered as an Insider, you may be invited in the future – keep an eye on your registered email address.

It's unlikely you'll run into this error in relation to the scale tests which, thanks to the game being out now, are over. That means you should be looking into your Gamertag logins, or the servers being down for maintenance. 

Keep your eye on the Sea of Thieves Twitter feed for news of scheduled downtime, other than that take a look at Microsoft's Xbox support center to find out how to log un-needed Gamertags out of your console, though again the invite is unnecessary now that the game is in open release.

TrimmedBeard Sea of Thieves error fix

© Rare / Microsoft Game Studios
© Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

The Trimmedbeard Error is usually encountered when Sea of Thieves is attempting to setup a new crew session. Unfortunately, the Sea of Thieves support page does not reference the Trimmedbeard error, so fixing it is just guess work at this point in time.

You should run through the usual list of error fixes. Begin by logging out and then back in, if that doesn’t fix the problem, shutdown the game and reboot it. If the TrimmedBeard error continues to plague you, consider doing a complete system reboot. Your last ditch effort should be to completely reboot your internet connection via the router or modem.

There’s a good chance that you might be running into some errors because the Sea of Thieves is overwhelmed during its launch week. Your best bet is to wait a while, and then attempt to log back in. Hopefully this helps get you back onto the open sea.

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