GTA Online launches San Andreas Super Sport Series race event

And they're off!

There’s a new wave of in-game content smashing into GTA Online from this week, as Rockstar launches the San Andreas Super Sports Series update. This will involve new racing events over the next few months, along with new vehicles and race modes.

It all kicks off right now with the Hotring Circuit event, and five new or revamped cars: Taipan, Declasse Hotring Sabre, Entity XXR, Vapid GB200 and the Vulcar Fagaloa. Until March 26 you’ll also earn double RP and cash for joining in.

April 3 sees the launch of Target Assault mode, a combat-based race where one player mans a mounted gun while their partner handles the actual driving. Gunners earn points for destroying targets, drivers earn points for beating opponents.

From 1 May the Special Vehicle Races will feature 10 vehicles from the recent Doomsday Heist update, and May 29 adds seven new Transform Races to the roster. Creator Mode is also being boosted with new content, for those who prefer to make their own fun, and there are discounts on offer in the in-game shops.

That should keep you busy until the summer, and as always the update is free. Not bad for a game that celebrates its fifth birthday this year.

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