Rainbow Six Siege's Italian Operators have been leaked

Or is it simply a decoy?

The upcoming Italian Operators for Rainbow Six Siege have been revealed by dataminers.

Digging through the files added during Operation Chimera, Reddit users discovered a short animation with placeholder text, naming the two new operators as Alibi and Maestro.

Based on previous digging, her name and the animation above, Alibi appears to have some form of decoy or hologram ability available to provide a distraction. We're not sure how much control this will offer in game, but at least you can use it as an excuse for any accidental team kills. "It wasn't me, the camera footage proves it!"

Maestro on the other hand has little information available, but with a huge ammo belt and the “Barrage” placeholder text, we imagine he’s going to be on the less subtle end of Siege’s sneaky spectrum. If those are shotgun shells hanging on his bandolier then we’re hoping for some form of fully automatic weapon to clear corridors with.

The launch of Operation Chimera and its co-op event has seen Siege push to new concurrent player heights. Ubisoft’s continued support has been paying off dividends, tripling the game’s player count on Steam over the last six months according to Steam Spy.

Chimera already introduced two powerful new Operators in Finka and Lion so we may have a little wait before the Italians join the scene. You can be sure we’ll have their details up as soon as they’re announced officially.

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