Over 30 game and tech companies unite to tackle toxic online behavior

Troll hunters?

A who’s who of online gaming and technology companies have joined forces to create the Fair Play Alliance, dedicated to tackling toxic and disruptive behavior in their communities and across the internet.

The coalition will work across several related industries, and says it will “foster fair play in online games” and “raise awareness of player-behaviour-related issues”. It will also research the best methods to combat this behavior, come up with “best practise” solutions and share them among its members.

Those who have signed up include major gaming companies such as Xbox, Blizzard and CCP; tech and software firms like Epic and Unity, as well as mobile giants Rovio and Supercell. Kid gaming giant Roblox is also involved, as is streaming platform Twitch and a host of indie studios.

The alliance launched with a summit during GDC, which featured talks and panels dedicated to finding ways to encourage better online community through gameplay design, and the root causes of community abuse.

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