How to find Mew in Pokemon GO

New Field Research quests lead the way.

Mysterious gene-spliced psychic cat creature Mew is finally coming to Pokemon GO, as part of the augmented reality game's new Field Research feature.

These research tasks are the game's first attempts at narrative storytelling in the app, and involve undertaking specific challenges on a daily basis. Once the feature rolls out this week, you'll get research requests when spinning PokeStops. Complete the challenge and you'll get bonus in-game item rewards.

Sometimes, however, you'll get a Special Research request from silver-haired hunk daddy Professor Willow, and it's these that will lead you into the game's new storylines. Complete at least one Special Research request in a day and you'll be given a stamp. Collect seven stamps and you'll unlock a Research Breakthrough which offers even greater bonuses, and potentially brings you one step closer to an encounter with the mythical Mew.

It's an interesting way of adding a much-requested powerful Pokemon to the game, and makes a change from the Legendary types that now appear in Raid Battles on Pokemon Gyms. Impressive as they are, it's basically impossible to catch these solo, whereas the new story quests seem geared towards those who don't have loads of nearby PokeFriends to co-operate with.

Expect to see these features appearing in the game this week.

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