Far Cry 5 guide: How to find and open safes

Get cracking.

One of the best ways to make stacks o' cash in Far Cry 5 is to loot it from the many locked safes scattered across Hope County, but where should you look for these hefty bounties, and how do you get the goodies out? Read on...

Where to find safes

Basically, anywhere you might reasonably expect to find a safe in the real world. Outposts often have one tucked away somewhere, usually behind a locked door. That means there'll be a key lying around somewhere, so keep your eyes open. You'll also find safes in Prepper Stashes, and even in houses and stores. Just get in the habit of nosing around every nook of every location, and you'll find plenty of safes.

How to open them

There are several methods of opening safes, none of which are particularly hard to achieve, but each has its own auxiliary benefits. The simplest way is to just blow them open using a remote charge. Far Cry 5 is a generous game, so provided you've been looting the bodies of bad guys and swiping the contents of their ammo crates, you should have a few lumps of C4 to play with. If not, you can craft some by pulling up the weapon wheel, flipping to the Remote Charge in the bottom left slot and pressing the indicated button. If you have the materials - - you'll craft a charge. Just be sure to get to a safe distance before setting it off!

That's a fairly graceless way of getting the job done, however. For a little more finesse, invest 6 Perk Points in the Locksmith ability. The game dishes out Perk Points pretty frequently, so you shouldn't have trouble earning enough, and the game also lets you unlock most abilities without unlocking others first. That means you can get the Locksmith skill within your first hour of play, if needed. A side benefit is that the Locksmith perk also works on locked doors, at least those that don't require a keycard, so this is a skill with multiple uses.

Another method is to spend 5 Perk Points to get the Repair Torch. This lets you cut your way into a safe, which takes a while longer. Just stay in place while the green gauge fills up to pop the door and help yourself to whatever is inside. The Repair Torch also works on vehicles, however, and can even be used as a close quarters weapon in an emergency.

As you can see, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to ways of getting rich in Far Cry 5, so get out there and start making money!

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