Far Cry 5 guide: Prepper Stash locations - Jacob's Region

How to find and access every Jacob's Region Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 is brimming with collectibles and hidden spots to find, but few are as satisfying as the Prepper Stashes you’ll find strewn across Hope County. Each provides you with a choice bit of loot, but there’s also a tangible sense of satisfaction each time you uncover one. There are a huge number out in the world, but we’ll help you track down and break into every Prepper Stash for Dutch’s Island, John’s Region, Faith’s Region and Jacob's Region. This article covers every stash in Jacob’s Region. Happy hunting!

(Looking for stashes elsewhere? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the Prepper Stash locations for Dutch’s Island & John’s Region as well as Faith’s Region.)

Jacob’s Region Prepper Stash locations

Salvage Rites Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Salvage Camp
You’ll find the note for this quest on the east side of the Salvage Camp island. Swim out east into the water. Dive down under the water and you’ll find Fred Tanner’s Key. Swim back to the shore and you can now open the locked box, getting your hands on some cash and three perk magazines.

Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Dansky Cabin
You can find the note for this quest just outside the Dansky Cabin. Once you’ve given it a read, follow the waypoints up the path. After a little while you’ll need to start properly climbing by jumping and using your Grappling Hook. When you reach the final waypoint you’ll get Dansky’s Key Card. Return to the Dansky Cabin to claim your reward. Inside you’ll find the standard three perk magazines along with some cash and various other supplies. If you can’t be bothered to make the climb, you can always bring a helicopter instead.

Unwelcome Guest Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Frank’s Cabin
The Unwelcome Guest note can be found on the wall  by the door to Frank’s Cabin. Activate the quest and follow the waypoint. It’ll take you into the path of a bear, so have your guns ready before things get a little hairy. Enter the bear’s cave and you’ll find Frank’s Key. Make your way back to the cabin and claim your prize. You should find cash, three perk magazines, guns, and some crafting materials.

Cliffhanger Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Ozhigwan Falls
You can find the Cliffhanger prepper stash close to Ozhigwan Falls. Walk to the bridge and look down over the edge. You should see a group of cultists hanging out below. Eliminate them before searching the area near where they were standing to find a backpack with Ted and Ian’s Key sitting next to it. Make sure to grab the key, then follow the water down to a crashed truck. Beside it is a note for the Prepper Stash quest (yes, we’ve done this one a bit backwards to speed things up). Open the case in the truck to earn some cash and three perk magazines.

Mayday Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Rattlesnake Trail Bridge

Head onto the  wooden bridge to grab the note for the quest. You’re going to travel pretty far vertically for this one, so it’s probably best to bring a helicopter. Fly up to the waypoint above which asks you to investigate the area. You’ll have to kill three cultists from the air before you can land next to the crashed plane. Just north of the plane’s tail you should find Kyle’s Key. Once you have it, go south and you’ll find a box to open. Inside you’ll find the standard three perk magazines and some cash.

Hangar Pains Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Lansdowne Airstrip
Near the main building of the Lansdowne Airstrip in Jacob’s Region you’ll find the quest note for this stash. The note mentions a skylight which you can use to get inside. The easiest method here is to take a helicopter and land it on the roof. It’s also possible to fast travel and use the Airdrop perk to land on the roof. However you make it up there, drop through the skylight and use the switch on the wall to open the hangar doors. You’ll find three perk magazines, some cash and crafting material, with a chance for some grenades too.

The Holdouts Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Elliot Residence
Read the note just outside the Elliot Residence and you’ll start the quest. Make your way to the opposite side of the house, then climb up to the second story. Enter through the window, pass through the house, then back out onto the roof. You can enter a second window and make your way down the stairs to the kitchen. Here you’ll find Elliot’s Key Card on the floor. Grab the key and head to the shed outside to access the Prepper Stash. One thing that’s immediately apparent is that Mr. Elliot was a bit of a badass, judging by the number of cultist bodies lying around.

Shipwreck Prepper Stash

Region: Jacob’s Region
Location: Tanami Residence
The note for this quest is just outside the Tanami Residence. Pick it up and face the water. Hop into the water on the right side of the wreckage and swim inside the boat. Follow the path until you climb out of the water. There should be a control switch for you to flip, after which you can climb out of the window and back into the water. You’ll have to swim into this Prepper Stash. Enter and you’ll find all the usual treats along with a slithering surprise. Grab whatever you need and collect the key card. You can now exit the prepper stash the easy way.

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