Far Cry 5 guide: all Comic Book locations

How to find every Mars, Vietnam and Zombie Comic Book in Far Cry 5.

Collecting Comic Books is far from the most exciting thing you can spend your time doing in Far Cry 5, and the results are markedly less interesting that real life. Still, when a game offers up collectibles to find, you can be sure we’ll be there to hoover them up. Split between Mars Vietnam and Zombie themes (notably matching the game’s planned DLC chapters), collecting them all will help you finish the Golden Age Nostalgia quest, just be aware that the rewards for doing so aren’t all that impressive.

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Comic Book Locations

The first Mars Comic is at Parker Laboratories in John’s Region. You’ll find it  just across the field from Fall’s End town. Enter the main building and the Mars Comic will be sitting on a wooden desk next to an answering machine you can listen to.

The second Mars Comic located at Camp Cougars in Faith’s Region. Head up the road from Peaches Taxidermy. It should be just down the mountain from Raptor Peak. It can be pretty hard to spot the comic here, but it should be tucked under some bloody rags next to a tent here.

For the next comic you’ll need to head to John’s Region.  The third book is in the Boneshaw Manor which you’ll find close to Hope County Jail and Moonflower Trailer Park. Once you’re inside you should find the Comic Book on a nightstand. It should be near to a safe that you can open for a hefty wad of cash.

The final Mars Comic is at Bradbury Farm in John’s Region. Enter the wooden barn and head up to the second floor. Look for a mattress and guitar on the floor, the Comic will be sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Moving onto the Vietnam Comics, the first you’ll find in Far Cry 5 is at the Vasquez Residence in Faith’s Region. If you’re not sure where that it, It’s just across the river from Dutch’s Island — the same house that you can grab a fishing rod in. The Vietnam Comic is simply on the couch in the living room.

The next comic is in John’s region. This one is hidden in the Boyd Residence. Move through the house to the bedroom and you’ll find the Vietnam Comic on the bed. You can also grab yourseld a Compound Bow if you don’t already have one.

For the third Vietnam Comic you should head to the McNeill Residence in Jacob’s Region. You’ll find this at the back end of the Lansdowne Airstrip runway (there’s also an easy Prepper Stash to grab here, so make sure you don’t miss it). The Comic Book has been dangerously left in the washroom sink. Don’t they know these things are limited edition?

You can secure the final Vietnam Comic at the Chan Residence in Faith’s Region, close to the big statue on Angel’s Peak. There’s a bit of a bloody mess inside the apartment here, but the Comic Book can still be recovered near to the knocked over fan.

We’re already onto Zombie Comics (phew!) and the first one can — fittingly — be snagged from O’Hara’s Haunted House in Faith’s Region. There’s another Prepper Stash here so don’t forget to secure that too. Climb up to the top floor where you can restore the power to the Prepper Stash and you’ll see the Zombie Comic waiting for you on a mattress.

The second Zombie Comic is hidden at the Jefferson Lookout Tower in Jacob’s Region. Once again this isn’t the prettiest locale thanks to all the blood, but the Comic should be sitting on the table. Before you evacuate the creepy house, you can also grab a map as part of another quest.

The next Comic is in the Elliot Residence in Jacob’s Region. You can find the house close to the F.A.N.G. Center. The Comic’s up on the second floor when you first climb inside, but there’s also a neat Prepper Stash and some background on the owner you can piece together here, so be sure to nose around a bit.

The fourth and final Zombie Comic can be snaffled up from Peaches Taxidermy. This one’s easy enough as you can get it when you come to collect Peaches as a companion, or you can simply grab it when you like. The Comic is lying on a table in the main building. While you’re there make sure you destroy the television. It’s important to let those companions know who’s boss.

Congratulations, you’ve now collected all twelve 12 Mars Comics, Vietnam Comics, and Zombie Comics. Take a look at our Far Cry 5 Safe and Prepper Stash guides.

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