Try Something New In These 5 Indie Simulators

If you want to be a goat you're in luck, because we're taking a look at five of the best indie simulator games on the market.

There are countless indie simulation games that allow you to do almost everything, from chaotic surgery to bouncing on trampolines as a goat. The word “simulation” has become a somewhat loose term when it comes to these games, as accuracy typically goes out the window in favor of comedy.

However, the comedic genius is one aspect to simulation games that makes them fun and memorable. In addition, simulation games offer freedom from everyday life by allowing you to dictate your own choices, even in realistic scenarios. With that in mind, below are the staff’s top five indie simulation games.

5. Surgeon Simulator

A hilarious simulation game where the patient’s life is in your shaky, unsteady hands. The main objective is to complete a heart transplant without killing your patient, a task made infinitely more complicated by the game’s wonky controls. The most enjoyable aspect of the game isn’t in successfully completing the surgery, but in how badly you can botch said surgery.

From dropping your surgical instruments into the patient’s gaping chest cavity to accidentally throwing the replacement part across the room and out of reach, Surgeon Simulator is a chaotic mess of a game that’s worth every single penny.


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