Cook, Serve, Delicious Review

Serve up some tasty treats in this addictive cooking sim!

Cook, Serve, Delicious is a hardcore cooking sim that recreates the daily tasks of a busy restaurant through keyboard command prompts. You will have the opportunity to take over the restaurant, starting off with a few thousand dollars, 20 different foods to serve up on the menu, a variety of restaurant equipment, and a virtual email account. At the start of each day, a customer will walk in and ask for what they want from the menu you set up. Each order is different, and you must follow their specific requests to avoid them leaving your restaurant unhappy.

After accepting their orders by hitting the corresponding number, you begin the process of preparing meals. If the customer requests a burger with three patties, ketchup, and lettuce, you will start by tapping M, M, M, and Enter to cook three patties on the grill. Once the patties are fully cooked you will be notified, and will have to prepare the burger by hitting M, M, M again in addition to K for ketchup and L for lettuce. Once your burger is finished, hit Enter and serve your customer.

Be careful not to keep your customers waiting for their food for too long, otherwise they’ll grow impatient and leave dissatisfied. You can keep track of your customers by their corresponding numbers. If you haven’t attended to a customer, the bar by their number will gradually recede. The best tip to handling a horde of customers is to take a look at their orders and tackle the ones that need to be cooked first, like hamburgers before a salad. That way, when the patties are sizzling on the grill, you have time quickly serve up a salad or fill up a beverage.

In addition to serving food, you will also be required to complete the restaurant’s daily tasks, including cleaning the restrooms, taking out the garbage, and washing the dishes. You will also be greeted by two rush hours during each open restaurant day, where a large swarm of customers flock to your restaurant. Each rush hour, topped with the increased difficulty of serving your customers, will put your fingers to the test as they fly over the keyboard inputting commands. This is where the game gets tricky, as you will have to gradually remember the prompts for each food item, as you won’t have enough time later on in the game to carefully read through each order.

Cook, Serve, Delicious is colorful and packed with addictive gameplay. Although the game boasts an extraordinary amount of repetition, it avoids feeling tedious and boring. The game’s price point at $10 on Steam is pretty fair for the hours you will put into the game, and even after you defeat the game’s base campaign, there are other in-game activities to keep you coming back for more. These activities include weekly challenges, Iron Chef challenges, and a hardcore campaign mode with brutal difficulty. Cook, Serve, Delicious is a worthy addition to your Steam library, especially when you want to take a little break from competitive gaming.

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  • Fun gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Fair price point


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Requires precise coordination

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