Shards Online Launches On Steam Greenlight

Citadel Studios announce Steam Greenlight campaign for Shards Online.

Citadel Studios recently announced their game, Shards Online, will launch on Steam’s Greenlight. The team accompanied their announcement with a new game trailer highlighting some of the lore, in-game sandbox features, various locales, and the game’s unique God Control component. Citadel Founder and CEO Derek Brinkmann had this to say:

“Today marks a big milestone for Shards Online. We’re nearing the Steam early access launch and we thought, what better way to show the world what we’ve been working on than with an epic new trailer. The Steam Greenlight campaign is just the icing on the cake as it allows our fans to tell Valve they want to see our game on their platform as soon as possible.”

Over the next few weeks, Citadel Studios will begin stress testing the game’s servers and player-run shards. Players interested in the game will have the chance to win a 7- day trial key simply by signing up and opting-in for updates at Shards Online’s official website, or by staying tuned to media outlets who will host various trial key giveaway events.

“We’re ecstatic to see how players adapt to our unique sandbox gameplay, our boundless skill progression, and the idea of entire worlds, created, modded and run by player-gods,” Brinkmann explained. “It’s also an exciting time because once we have a few more features and bug fixes ironed out, we’ll be starting our Steam Early Access period and that’s when the fun truly begins!”

Shards Online is currently taking donations on its website, and backers of the game will gain instant 24/7 access to the alpha for $40. Higher tiers of crowdfunding include the ability to manage your own shard and mod your own server. Check out Shards Online’s trailer below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the game on Steam!

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