Indie Games We Can't Wait To Play

You'll want to keep an eye out for these five upcoming indie games.

There are countless new indie games released on the market every day, but how do you know which games are worth checking out? Whether you’re interested in RPGs, survival games, first-person shooters, or massive titles like No Man’s Sky, the following five indie games are ones you should definitely keep an eye on.

5. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG that is currently in alpha development by the team, The Indie Stone. Although the full game has yet to be released, you can purchase the alpha on Steam, with proceeds going towards its development. While the game’s visuals seem simplistic, the content is ambitious and expansive. Whether you’re playing single or multiplayer, Project Zomboid allows you to loot, craft, and fight to survive on a massive map. Be on the lookout for the game’s official release, and until then, check out the game’s alpha on Steam!


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