Developer Talks: Vile Monarch Founders Grzegorz Mazur & Kacper Kwiatkowski

We virtually sit down with the Crush Your Enemies developers to chat about the Polish game development scene and heavy metal music. 

The boys over at Vile Monarch have seen quite a bit of the indie game scene over the years. After dipping their toes in some smaller projects, they began working at 11 Bit Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed title, This War of Mine. After that, the two decided to branch out and create their very own studio, Vile Monarch, and have been hard at work on their newest title, Crush Your Enemies which is due out tomorrow. We managed to pull them away from their busy schedule of pillaging to learn more about their upcoming game, as well as the two of them!

Once you are done learning about what makes these guys tick, be sure to check out the Crush Your Enemies review.

Senior Editor


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