Humble Bundle Revelmode Collection

Rocket League, Spelunky, and more featured in new Revelmode Game Bundle.

The newest Humble Bundle game offering is a deal that cannot be missed. Humble Bundle’s “Revelmode” game bundle is named as such as it is put together by YouTube gamer PewDiePie’s “creator network” Revelmode. The new game offering serves up indie titles including Nidhogg, Spelunky, Golf With Your Friends, Roguelands, and Rocket League among others. Humble Bundle is a game website that offers players the choice to pay what they want for a collection of games, with the proceeds going to a designated charity.

The Revelmode game bundle’s proceeds will go towards Crisis Text Line, and also offers players the option to choose their own charity. While Humble Bundle enables players to pay whatever they want for the games up for grabs, you will still have to pay a minimum of $1 to get Steam codes for the games, in addition to having to pay above the average for games including Spelunky and Skullgirls. The most-coveted game in this collection, Rocket League, requires you to spend at least $15 on the bundle to acquire.

Which isn’t a bad deal overall, considering Rocket League goes for $19.99 on the Steam marketplace. You can grab these sweet indie games on sale from now until July 26th. So if you’ve had your eye on Rocket League, or any of the other games in the Revelmode collection, now’s definitely the time to get them for an extremely fair price!

Buy the Humble Bundle "Revelmode" collection before July 26th

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