New No Man's Sky Trailer Focuses on Exploration

Get an exciting look at the game’s core elements.

Hello Games’ highly anticipated space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, is still about a month away from launching, and to tide over fans in the meantime, the studio released the first in a series of new trailers created to focus on a key component of the game.

The first trailer deals with exploration, and we know from a brief overview in the trailer that future videos will center around combat, trading, and survival. The exploration trailer offers viewers a look at the different procedurally generated planets they will visit (the trailer claims there are over 18 quintillion possible planet configurations), as well as the fact that players will be able to tag and discover the wildlife and plant-life they encounter.

The trailer also claims that adventurous players will be able to travel to the center of No Man’s Sky’s universe, though the video uses a famous Andre Gide quote: “man cannot discover new oceans unless he’s willing to lose sight of the shore.”

No Man’s Sky will be available for both PC and PlayStation 4 on August 9.

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