Free Star Wars VR Game Releases Today

Explore the Star Wars universe for free in the new Steam VR game, Trials on Tatooine.

Lucasfilm recently announced that they are releasing a brand new Star Wars VR experience for free on Steam today, July 18th. Although the game, Trials on Tatooine, is a far cry from being a complete Star Wars game, it is nevertheless a fun VR experience that offers fans a chance to explore the Star Wars cinematic universe through the use of VR technology.

Trials on Tatooine was developed by Industrial Light & Magic’s xLabOwners exclusively for the HTC Vive headset. If you currently own an HTC Vive, simply download the game for free on Steam, and get ready to feel the Force! The game’s objective is simple, use your trusty lightsaber and fend off waves of Stormtroopers in order to protect your faithful companion R2-D2. With stunning visuals, graphics, and authentic sound effects, the game will have you convinced you’re a Jedi wandering the alien landscapes of Star Wars with R2-D2 at your side. If that’s not enough to get your inner Star Wars fan excited, ILMxLab announced that they are also hard at work on another Star Wars VR experience which focuses on Darth Vader during this year's Star Wars Celebration Europe.

While details on the project are sadly few and far between, screenwriter David Goyer (Batman Begins) is cited as one of talents behind the upcoming game. Trials on Tatooine and ILMxLab’s other VR project will join the Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience coming to the PlayStation VR headset. Lucasfilm has stated that they are using this free VR experience to test the waters, and see if VR technology has the ability to deliver quality storytelling and interactivity in relation to the Star Wars universe. 

Be sure to check out the trailer below and head over to Steam to download your free copy of Trials of Tatooine. If you would love to see more expansive Star Wars VR titles released in the future, leave a review and let them know what you thought of the game! 

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Morgan is a writer, indie game lover, and socially awkward coffee addict. Need something? Morgan can be reached at or if you like, you can say hello using GIFs on Twitter.

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