Alone With You Releases On PlayStation Next Month

The haunting and potentially heart-breaking sci-fi odyssey, Alone With You, releases this August.

Alone With You, the upcoming sci-fi adventure game from independent developer Benjamin Rivers (the same man behind the hit horror game Home), will be releasing on select PlayStation platforms next month according to Rivers and Sony. First unveiled last year during the annual Game Developer’s Conference, Alone With You features an eerily quiet landscape which is made up of pastel-like colors and simple shapes.

In the game, players occupy the role of an explorer who has become stranded on a distant, empty planet. To make matters worse, the planet is on the verge of becoming uninhabitable and players are given only has twenty-one days of in-game time to escape. Fortunately, players have an A.I. companion who can assist  with rebuilding your ship. The A.I. can also summon holograms of crew members who died previously, with the option to form strong attachments to these holographic crew members and even pursue romantic relationships with them. The game is set to launch on August 23rd for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. 

Check out the trailer for Alone With You below!

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