PlayStation Store Sale Discounts New Indie Titles

New PlayStation sale gives PlayStation Plus members a discount on indie game pre-orders.

Sony has officially kicked off a new “Play 2016” sale in which PlayStation Plus members can pre-order four different upcoming indie games at a discount. According to a new post on the PlayStation Blog, the four indie games being offered at a discount are Headlander by developer Double Fine, Abzu by 505 Games, Brut@l by Stormcloud Games, and Bound by developer Plastic.

The blog post claims that all four games are being discounted, but as of the time of this writing, the main Play 2016 page shows only Headlander, Bound, and Brut@l as being discounted with Abzu still at its default $19.99 price point (even though the sale supposedly cuts it down to $15.99 for PS Plus members).

Both Headlander and Brut@l have had their prices reduced by 20 percent, bringing them to $15.99 and $11.99 respectively, while Bound has been reduced by a sizable 50 percent down to $9.99. Pre-ordering any of the above games grants access to a unique PS4 theme for the game (the themes for Brut@l, Headlander, and Abzu are static, while the theme for Bound is dynamic), and pre-ordering at least two of the games at the same time will grant buyers eligibility for a 20 percent off digital coupon that can be applied to any one future PlayStation Store purchase.

Headlander is set to launch on July 26th, Abzu on August 2nd, Brut@l on August 9th, and Bound on August 16th.

Source: PlayStation Blog 

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